BLACKPINK To Release New Single ‘The Girls’ This Week

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South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK to release their new single ‘The Girls’ this week. Blackpink The Game announced.

The BLACKPINK The Game official x page has revealed that the music video for ‘The Girls’ will be released this Wednesday (August 23) at 4 am UTC / 1 pm KST.

The news comes over a month after the BLACKPINK The Game team said in a statement on July 4 that the music video for the song would be released within that month while addressing the long wait for the track’s release.

“Our deep desire to present the highest quality of content flawlessly took longer than expected, and therefore our initial plan to release the MV simultaneously with the game release was delayed significantly,” it said.

Meanwhile, a previously released teaser features animated avatars of BLACKPINK from the game dancing along to a snippet of the song. “Don’t mess with the girls, with the girls, with the girls,” they sing in the teaser, which ends with the words “coming soon”.

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BLACKPINK To Release New Single ‘The Girls’ This Week