BTS’ J-Hope Announces ‘Hope on the Street’ Album Release Date

J-Hope Hope on the Street tracklist
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Korean group, BTS member J-Hope has officially announced the ‘Hope on the Street’ album release date. Check out the date below.

The Hope on the Street Vol. 1 album will be released on March 29 at 1 p.m. KST. Fans should mark their calendars for a preorder that is scheduled for Feb. 19.

The first episode of J-Hope’s docuseries will be released on Prime Video on March 27, with new episodes coming every Thursday and Friday.

Meanwhile, The new piece pack is set to reveal alongside a six-part docuseries, ‘Hope on the Street‘, which will “trail J-Hope’s dance journey” as he explores and meets street dancers throughout the cities of Osaka, Paris, New York, Seoul, and Gwangju.

Both will “dive into the theme of dance,” a press release says, “the core of J-Hope’s artistic roots and identity.” The album, ‘Hope on the Street Vol. 1‘ is described in the announcement as “a special album” containing six tracks.

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BTS’ J-Hope Announces ‘Hope on the Street’ Album Release Date