Martin Garrix & Third Party release Highly Anticipated Collaboration “Carry You” Ft. Oaks and Declan J Donovan

Carry You Martin Garrix
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American EDM producer, Martin Garrix has teamed up with Third Party for the new highly anticipated collaboration named “Carry You” Ft. Oaks and Declan J Donovan. Listen to the full song below.

The track boasts one of the most iconic intros of Garrix’s live shows that left fans in eager anticipation for its release since the first spin.

Garrix first introduced “Carry You” to his audience during his unforgettable set at Ultra Music Festival 2023, creating a wave of excitement and setting the stage for what promised to be a groundbreaking collaboration. The audiences of other 2023 shows were treated to more sneak peeks of this fresh, uplifting track, which exudes an infectious blend of energy and euphoria, with Garrix even using the song as his show intro from time to time. 

Third Party: ‘’Ever since Lions In The Wild, we have wanted to work together with Martin Garrix on a second collaboration. Last year everything came together, and a new track was born, with one of the most infectious melodies we’ve ever been a part of. To hear the crowd singing it at shows before the track has even been released has been mind blowing. Now with the added euphoric vocals by Oaks and Declan J Donovan, we can’t be more excited to release it!’’

Oaks : ’’This world can be a really cruel and lonely place sometimes. I know how it feels trying to find your way with an unbearable weight on your shoulders. That’s why I love ”Carry You” so much, because it feels like a warm hug to me. It makes me think of all the beautiful people that helped me through the darkness, all the shoulders that held up my world. This song reminds me of how safe you can feel in someone’s arms and how, with only their presence, they can make you forget about your pain for a moment. Me and Martin had been talking back and forth about working together for a long time, so I was very excited when he invited me to come to Amsterdam last year. I really loved writing this with him, he’s such a talented and genuine soul and his energy is extremely contagious. I’m so happy to be a part of this track together with all these incredible musicians – I hope the world will love it as much as we do!’’

Declan J Donovan: ‘’Working with Martin has been a dream! Funny story how we met: I went to Amsterdam for my birthday in 2022 with some friends and while we were out for dinner I bumped into Martin! We got chatting then spent the next two days hanging out and making music together. It’s an honor to be featured on “Carry You” and I’m buzzing to get it out into the world!’’

“Carry You” showcases the seamless synergy between Martin Garrix’s unparalleled production prowess and the signature sound of Third Party. With a melody that resonates with listeners on a deep emotional level, reinforced by the vocals from Oaks and Declan J Donovan, the track is destined to become a staple. 

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Martin Garrix & Third Party release Highly Anticipated Collaboration “Carry You” Ft. Oaks and Declan J Donovan

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