EDC Las Vegas & Beyond Wonderland Continue To Their Scheduled Dates

Beyond Wonderland Shooting 
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Pasquale Rotella has confirmed that the EDC Las Vegas & Beyond Wonderland is continuing to plan for their scheduled dates in 2021. Check out the post below.

Pasquale Rotella shared the alien suit photo via Instagram and commented that ‘I know a lot of you are looking for an EDCLV update, so yes, we’re continuing to plan EDC Las Vegas & Beyond Wonderland for their scheduled dates. There continue to be new developments & we’re in constant communication with local officials. If things change, however, we have backup dates in place & I’ll let you know soon.’

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Now, the SoCal festival Beyond Wonderland is all set for June 25 & 26, 2021 at the NOS Events Center. In the meantime, EDC Las Vegas is set for May 21 – 23, 2021 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. These dates are subject to change, but organizers are continuing to plan for the best-case scenario.

He captioned the post, ‘Alien Invasion Incoming‼️I‘ve confirmed with @countdownnye Extraterrestrial Sources that an Intergalactic Event is imminent. 👾 An outdoor landing zone has been identified in Orlando, Florida! 🐊✨ Numerous human safety measures are in places like required masks, digital temperature checks, and our Insomniac Earth Defense League in full force! 🕶🌎🛰 Follow @insomniacEast for updates & line-up, and full FAQs & I’ll see all you humans there! 💚#Abduction2021’

Recently, Ultra Music Festival again rescheduled its festival dates to 2022(Next year) due to COVID-19.

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EDC Las Vegas & Beyond Wonderland Continue To Their Scheduled Dates