Fotty Seven Releases New Track ‘HAATH TOH LAGA’ Ft. Rebel 7

Via Youtube

Indian rapper, Fotty Seven has released his second track named ‘HAATH TOH LAGA‘ featuring Rebel 7 from his upcoming Asli Independent EP. Watch the full video below.

The track, “HAATH TOH LAGA” is performed & lyric given by Fotty Seven & Rebel 7, Composer/Music Produced by Fotty Seven, Mix and Mastered by NDS, Director & Editor – Doofpix, DOP – Vinay Yadav, & and it is released on Kalamkaar’s YouTube channel.

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Last month, he shared the tracklist of his new upcoming EP Asli Independent and announced that he is going to releases his new EP soon. Now he released the first song ‘KAR DIYA‘ last month, and the second track has also arrived. More tracks are on the way, stay tune with us. Also, you can stream & download the full track ‘KAR DIYA‘ By Clicking Here.

He starts the rap, “Kar dende kam bola zyada jo bhi / Pehle bole fake phir gaana kare copy / Mera level tere level se bohat zyada door / Bete haath toh laga jo teri maa na,” Then Rebel 7 joins him and sings, “Ae yo namaskar aapka swagat / Yeh bande saare shatir / Jawab saare haazir / Badon se lekar baalak / Gharon se lekar baahar / Club’on se lekar kawad / Chele hain apne phaile.”

Fotty Seven ‘HAATH TOH LAGA’ Ft. Rebel 7 Out Now! Stream & Download The Full Track By Clicking Here.


  1. Kar Diya.
  3. ASOOL.
  5. BAAP SE.

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Earlier this year, Fotty Seven released a new hip-hop track called ‘Bhot Tej’ ft. Badshah. The song is all about the vibes, culture, and slangs of Delhi. This is first from the lot of Kaleshi Launde.

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