Grimes And Elon Musk Decides To Change Their Baby’s Name

Grimes Sues Elon Musk
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The Canadian singer Grimes and CEO of SpaceX Elon Musk has decided to change their baby name.

Last month, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk announced his new birth baby boy name in a post on Twitter, They originally named their son ‘X Æ A-12 Musk.’

On Sunday, Grimes posted a new photo on Instagram and one user asked in the comments, “Did you change the baby name because of Californian laws? What is the baby’s new name?”


The singer replied to her fan and wrote, “X Æ A-Xii,” without confirming the reason for the change. She also replied to another comment: “Roman numerals. Looks better tbh.”

According to California’s rules on names, parents must use “the 26 alphabetical letters of the English language” on birth certificates, but can include some punctuation marks like apostrophes and dashes.

Fans had been intrigued as to how to pronounce the name, and the completely happy couple appear to have totally different interpretations. “It is just X, just like the letter X. Then A.I. Like how you said the letter A then I,” Grimes wrote in response to a question on Instagram.

Check out the post comments below.

However, Musk told podcast host Joe Rogan a different pronunciation of the name.”I mean it’s just X, the letter X. And then, the Æ is, like, pronounced ‘Ash’… and then, A-12, A-12 is my contribution,” he said.