Jung Kook Shares Teaser For New Single ‘Seven’ Ft. Latto

Jung Kook Latto
Via Youtube

South Korean band, BTS singer, Jung Kook has shared the teaser for the new single named ‘Seven’ featuring Latto. Watch the full teaser below.

The singer shared the news by revealing the first official teaser of the “Seven” music video, which Latto does not appear in. Nonetheless, her name appears in the video’s title.

Speaking about the teaser, where, Starring Han So-hee as his on-screen girlfriend, the music video teaser finds Jung Kook engulfed in a heated exchange with her while out at a fancy dinner. A chandelier then falls from the ceiling, disrupting the other patrons while Jung Kook and Han So-hee remained locked in their argument. 

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Recently, BTS Jung Kook revealed his two songs, ‘Still With You’ and ‘My You’ to streaming services for the first time. Now it is officially available on all the streaming platforms.

Jung Kook Shares Teaser For New Single ‘Seven’ Ft. Latto