Karma Team Up With Raftaar For The Hip Hop Track ‘BABA YAGA’

Karma Team Up With Raftaar For The Hip Hop Track 'BABA YAGA'
Karma Team Up With Raftaar For The Hip Hop Track 'BABA YAGA'

The Indian hip hop artist, Karma has teamed up with rapper, Raftaar for the brand new desi hip hop track named ‘BABA YAGA’ – Watch the full video below.

The track ‘BABA YAGA’, is written and sung by KARMA, music composer & arranger by RAFTAAR, Video by Director GRIM, Assistant Director – Amanpreet Singh, released at the Label KALAMKAAR.

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At the end of the video, KARMA wrote ‘ALBUM‘ at the blank page, it seems like, KARMA is about to release his new album soon, as well as the track has amazing beats by Raftaar. Meanwhile, the rapper, Karma is looking very lazy, one person beats him and he raps in front of him. Karma wants to say in the video, no matter how many you come, I am alone enough to kill you.

He raps in the video, “Baba Yaga(3 times) / Nickname baba Yaga / Career Nai Bana Raha hoon / Bani hai / Yahan saga / Simple Seedha banda hoon / Jeevan Bita Raha Sada / Par jab Bhi Koyi Uchhle to / Dikha doon Uski Jagah / Vaada / Main jo Cheezein Karta / Woh Cheezein your lover can’t / Shot lene ki Nai Soch / Yahaan / Pe Poora mota plan / Mujh pe Baat Aaye mere fans / Khodein Kabar damn”


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