King Announces New Album, “New Life,” Shares New Track, “CROWN”

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Indian hip-hop rapper and singer, King has announced his new album, “New Life,” and shares a new track, “CROWN.” Listen to the new introduction song below.

The track CROWN was played by KING, Natania, Lyrics by KING, David Arkwright, Natania Lalwani, and Miranda Glory, Music is produced by David Arkwright, and composed by KING, David Arkwright, Natania Lalwani, & Miranda Glory.

The vocals come up, “They want me to walk on water / Just to throw me in to sink / Everybody points a finger / But they don’t really know a thing / Every story has a critic”

King Mention, “New Life” marks a new era in KING’s career. And “Crown” arrives as the foreword to his upcoming project, and reflects KING’s willingness to address his meteoric rise and the burden of expectations.

Beyond standing out as a grand sonic highlight for the soundscapes of his upcoming body of work, the song’s energy and intensity align with his relentless knack to experiment with his musical style as an industrial-focused production comes into the foray, and highlights the raw and introspective nature of his lyrical play, while announcing his stake to the ‘Crown’ and fortify his position as India’s quintessential new-age popstar.

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King Announces New album, “New Life,” Shares New Track, “CROWN”