Lana Del Rey Shares Three New Tracks: Listen

Lana Del Rey Three
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American singer & songwriter, Lana Del Rey has shared her three new songs, ‘Blue Banister,’ ‘Text Book,’ ‘Windflower Wildfire.’ Listen to the full songs below.

“buzz tracks in anticipation of her upcoming 8th studio album,” A press release calls it. She co-wrote “Blue Banisters” and “Text Book” with Gabriel Edward Simon, & Del Rey co-wrote “Wildflower Wildfire” with prominent Kanye West collaborator Mike Dean.

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Meanwhile, In April, surprise unleashed her new album, ‘Blue Banisters,’ which will be released on July 4. In March, she also revealed the new record name ‘Rock Candy Sweet‘ after released, “Chemtrails Over The Country Club”. 

On the tranquil ‘Blue Banisters’ the star sings of “a man that’s in my past, a man that’s still right here” over delicate piano chords. “Said he’d fix my weathervane/ Give me children, take away my pain/ And paint my banisters blue“, one verse goes.

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Lana Del Rey Shares Three New Tracks: Listen

Stream All The Tracks By Clicking Here.