Lorde Launches New Sonos Radio Station “SOLARSYSTYM”

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New Zealand singer & songwriter, Lorde has launched her new Sonos Radio Station, “SOLARSYSTYM”. Listen to the full radio below.

It features selections from Lorde as well as hooks of the New Zealand musician looking back at her life and profession, from her teenage years and early career to the present day, and the junctures and artists that encouraged her.

In a statement about the new station, Lorde said: “SOLARSYSTYM is like stepping into my brain, giving listeners a front row seat to the songs that have meant a ton to me and my life. It is a collection of forms, gravitationally bound, a handful of planets, dozens, more dwarf planets, and countless little rocks. All reflecting light from a sun. These are the forms that have altered my course for better.”

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Lorde Launches New Sonos Radio Station, “SOLARSYSTYM” – Listen Here