M-Zee Bella & Sarkaar Drops New Hip Hop Track ‘Baarishein’

Bella Baarishein
Via Instagram

The Indian rapping artist, M-Zee Bella, and Sarkaar have collaborated for the 3rd brand new desi hip hop track named ‘Baarishein‘ from the album ‘One hit wonder’ – Listen to the full track below.

M-Zee Bella wrote about the track, “This is not R&B, Neither Chill Hop Nor Lo-Fi Or Diss, Not a commercial Neither Underground” THIS IS PURE LOVE ‘Just Feel The Vibe.’ “THE LOST LOVE” Ek rapper Bhi Kisi ko Pyaar Kar Sakta hai Kya Farak Padta hai Kahani puri ho ya Nahi ❤”

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The track, ‘Baarishein‘ is lyric, composed, and sung by Bella और Sarkaar together, Music Produced By – Sighost, and arrived at his own Youtube channel BellaOfficial.

Another desi hip hop hit track arrived now from Bella, again he collaborated with Sarkaar for the new track. This is a really amazing romantic rap, the words have deep meaning. In this track, he reminds his love. Before this track, he has released his two tracks ‘Laapata,’ and ‘Chokas‘ from The Mixtape 2020. Know more about the track listen here.

M-Zee Bella & Sarkaar New Desi Hip Hop Track ‘Baarishein’

Download the track by clicking here.

Bella sings, “Aadhi Aadhi Raaton Mein / Mein Leke Chalu / Tujhe Wahan Jahan Tere Bina Mera Koi Nhi / Tujhe Wahan Jahan Tere Bina Mera Koi Nhi,” then Sarkaar joined him, “Yaad cha Molai Hamro Pailo Veet Fri / Dubai ko hath Sath Ma Pailo Date / Kina Khoi Timro Yaad Aauncha Timro Babe / Aaja Pani Late Vaye Sorry Timro Main / Kati Dherai Maya Garchu Timlai Tha Chaina.”

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Ludhiana’s Deepak Singh aka M Zee Bella was adjudged the first winner of the rap reality show. Hustlejudges, Raftaar, Nucleya, and Raja Kumari announced M-Zee Bella and Kolkata-based Santhanam Srinivasan aka EPR as the winner and the first runner-up.