MC Altaf Releases New Hip Hop Track ‘Cash Do’

MC Altaf Cash Do
Via Youtube

The Indian hip hop rising artist, MC Altaf has released his brand new desi hip hop track named ‘Cash Do.’ Watch the full video below.

The music video ‘Cash Do‘ is produced & Mixing & Mastering by AAKASH, Lyrics, Sung and co-composed by MC Altaf, director & DOP by Karan Shelar, Assistant Director Riddhi Hadkar, Editor: Karan Shelar, Joel D’Souza, Chang, Production Manager: Dhwani Makand, Yash Gupta, and released at GULLY GANG Youtube channel. The music video was shot and directed during the lockdown.

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MC Altaf raps, “Dosti Wosti Chodo Mujhe Cash Do / Money In The Bank Mujhe Cash Do / Labels Mange Sign Bola Cash Do / Chahiye Mera Time Toh Phir Cash Do / Patte Dhile Karo Patte Dhile / Patte Dhile Karo Patte Dhile / Lambi Deal Hai Karo Patte Dhile / Patte Dhile Karo Patte Dhile / Patte Dhile.”

MC Altaf said about the track, “This was an idea that I came up with almost 3 years ago but I could never put my head around it. I feel this is a good time to release the track since there is so much dialogue underway with regards to manipulation and disrespect of creative talent at large within the entertainment industry.”

“Artists strive very hard to create art, some hailing from humble backgrounds like myself, and then, Meanwhile, you have corporations who will go to any extent to hold artists hostage and trade their art at marginal throw away prices to profiteer one-sidedly.” He added.

“If we are investing 100% in our art, isn’t it morally right that we are compensated for this effort handsomely? I’m against the eco-system and how there are no questions raised when there is any form of exploitation. I’m grateful that DIVINE took a chance on me and afforded me the luxury of being able to put out good music.”

MC Altaf New Hip Hop Track ‘Cash Do’

Download and stream ‘Cash Do‘ full track by clicking here.

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MC Altaf, is an 18-year old Hip-Hop artist from Dharavi, Mumbai. He has a string of successful releases under his belt. He also has a song in Zoya Akhtar’s GullyBoy, a Bollywood movie coming out in 2019.