Panchayat 2 Binod Meme Getting Viral On Internet, Fan Says, “Hilarious”

Binod Meme Panchayat 2
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The Indian web series, Panchayat 2’s Binod Meme is getting viral on the Internet. Fans say, “Dekh rha h Binod kaise meme bnane ki jldi me Binod ko Bindo likha ja rha h.” Check out the hilarious memes below.

Recently, the Indian web series, Panchayat 2 was released on May 20, 2022, and one of the series clips is getting viral in the form of a Meme template. If you have watched the series, you must have known that clip, When Abhishek was going to his office and Bhushan Bhai was saying the “Dekh Rahe Ho” line to his friend Binod while seeing Abhishek. And on that line, people relate to themself and make memes.

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Speaking of the series, it is all about An engineering graduate, Abhishek, who is unable to find a job of his caliber. So, he ends up working for a panchayat in a remote Indian village and deals with several mundane challenges.

  • First episode date: 3 April 2020
  • Directed by: Deepak Kumar Mishra
  • Written by: Chandan Kumar
  • Music by: Anurag Saikia
  • Executive producer: Sameer Saxena
  • Production company: The Viral Fever

Some famous lines on Meme are:

  1. Dekh rahe ho Binod, “dekh raha hai bindo kaise crush ko impress karne ke liye fatafat post forward kiya ja raha hai”
  2. Dekh rahe ho Binod, “I need laptop for studies” bolkr kese gaming laptop liya ja raha hai.
  3. Dekh rahe ho Binod, “Just one more episode” ke naam pr kese binge watch kiya ja raha hai
  4. Padhai Ke naam pr kaise Instagram scroll kiya ja raha hai
  5. Dekh rahe ho Binod, “DP hatake kese khudko sad dikhaya ja raha hai”
  6. Dekh rahe ho Binod, “‘Kal kar lunga’ bol kar kaise procrastinate kiya ja raha hai”

Watch the full Panchayat series by clicking here.

Panchayat 2 Binod Meme Getting Viral On Internet, Fan Says, “Hilarious”