Peter Gabriel Shares New Song “This Is Home”: Listen

Peter Gabriel Song This Is Home

Peter Gabriel recently released a new song “This Is Home.” This track is part of his upcoming album, “i/o,” marking his return to creating original songs after more than two decades.

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In the process of creating his new song “This Is Home,” Peter Gabriel collaborated with Skrillex during the initial stages. Gabriel shared, “He was trying to encourage me to write a song about staying up all night in a nightclub and that sort of thing, but that’s not really my life so I made it more about family and home and I like it.”

“Though we took the song in this other direction it was an interesting experience nonetheless, and I think it is good for me to be taken outside my normal comfort zone sometimes. It began with inspiration from some of the great Tamla Motown rhythm sections so we’re trying to recreate that in a modern way, complete with the tambourine and handclaps. The groove I like a lot, Tony Levin does a great bass part there.”

He continued, “I did an unusual thing for me in that I tried doing this low voice / high voice thing, so you get this almost conversational voice at the beginning and the second part is a higher, more emotional voice. I thought that would be both intimate and emotive to put the two side by side.”

Gabriel has been following a unique release schedule for his album “i/o”, sharing songs on each full moon. “This Is Home” is the 10th track from Peter Gabriel’s upcoming album, “I/O.” Another song titled “Four Kinds of Horses” includes contributions from Brian Eno and Richard Russell, the founder of XL Recordings.

Listen to the song here: