Pioneer DJ Corporation Changed Its Name To “ALPHATHETA” This New Year

Pioneer DJ Corporation Changed Its Name To “ALPHATHETA” This New Year
Pioneer DJ Corporation Changed Its Name To “ALPHATHETA” This New Year

Finally Pioneer Dj Corporation has changed its name “Pioneer DJ” to “Alphatheta“. Yes its new name is “ALPHATHETA” but the confusion continues. Pioneer DJ brands like its CDJ and DJM lines of products, will retain the Pioneer DJ branding. It is only the corporation that will change names.

Pioneer sold a significant majority of its DJ arm to investment firm KKR & Co. in 2015 – as such, the two no longer share offices, employees, owners, operations, product lines, etc.

You can read the full statement from AlphaTheta below.

Pioneer DJ Corporation has changed its company name to AlphaTheta Corporation as of January 1, 2020. Our brands and brand names, including Pioneer DJ, will not be affected.

We’re updating our corporate name to better reflect our values and vision. The change is not related to any merger, sale, or reorganization.

We take great pride in our commitment to the music industry and we’ve chosen our new company name, AlphaTheta Corporation, based on our passionate vision to innovate, inspire, and entertain.

Music can guide the human brain into extremely powerful states of mind.

Peak human experience can be enhanced with an optimal balance of creative music, superior sound technologies, and group coherence. AlphaTheta refers to the brain wave frequencies achieved in these peak states. Our vison [sic] is to use our innovative technologies to enable and enrich these peak moments.

AlphaTheta enables you to go Beyond the Music.

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