Questlove Announces Music Curation & DJing MasterClasses

Questlove MasterClasses
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American musician & music journalist, Questlove has announced his new masterclasses, ‘Music Curation & DJing.’ Watch the official trailer below.

Questlove is sharing his passion with you. Explore DJ techniques, expand your musical vocabulary, and learn how to glide from genre to genre including, hip-hop, neo-soul, jazz, R&B, and many more to curate your own perfect playlist.

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“It’s one thing to listen to music, but it’s another thing to embrace it and have it come to you,” Questlove said in a press release. “Nothing will take the place of the passion that I feel for music, and I hope my MasterClass will open up a portal in your heart so that you learn to love music, find it, and appreciate it.”

MasterClass founder and CEO David Rogier added, “Questlove’s storied career and unparalleled knowledge and passion for music has made him a music icon and one of the most influential individuals in the industry, In his MasterClass, members will gain a deeper understanding of how to listen to and absorb music so they can deconstruct songs and gain a deeper appreciation of everything they hear.”

Lessons in this online class include:

  • Music appreciation and techniques for categorizing and organizing music
  • Counting rhythm
  • Setting cue points and scratching
  • Planning your playlist
  • Working with tempo and finding breakbeats
  • Mixing and matching music genres
  • Creating loops and live samples
  • Phasing and beat juggling
  • Transitioning effectively
  • Questlove’s musical influences and favorites
  • Using turntables, mixers, headphones, slipmats, and other DJ equipment

To know more about the classes CLICK_HERE.

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Questlove Announces Music Curation & DJing MasterClasses