Skrillex Shares Upcoming Album Teaser To Release This Year

Skrillex Coachella
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American DJ and music producer, Skrillex has surprisingly shared his upcoming album teaser to release this year. Watch the full teaser below.

So, guys, this year will mark the Skrillex year because he is coming with his two albums in 2023. Today, he shared a 42-second teaser completely loaded with buckles of tune. Some, we’ve listened to before, and others are a bit more nebulous in originality.

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According to /u/ddarion on Reddit, the IDs could be as follows:

  • Skrillex ft. Starrah – El dorado ID
  • Skrillex w/ Fred Again and Flowdan – Rumble
  • Skrillex w/ Fred Again – Stay with me
  • Skrillex w/ Sleepnet and Joker – Tears ID
  • Skrillex w/ Kid Cudi – Moving here ID
  • Skillex w/ Bladee – Real Spring
  • Skrillex w/? – Xena ID
  • Skrillex w/ Porter/Virtual self? – ID
  • Skrillex w/ Trippe Redd – Way Back ID
  • Skrillex w/ Beam – Selecta
  • Skrillex w/? – Inhale/Exhale
  • Skrillex w/ Missy Elliot – Party People
  • Skrillex w/ Sam G? – PinkPantherss

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Also, Skrillex took to social media to confirm the release of “Rumble.” It will release on 4th Jan.

Back in August 2021, Skrillex confirmed he was working on multiple bodies of work and said he had “so much to express” after reflecting on the scourge of the pandemic.

“It’s obviously been a challenging couple of years for all of us, and I think there’s been a blessing in disguise because I was going to put out maybe some music before Covid or right around when Covid was going to hit and then that hit and I decided just to go back in and explore more and more, which I’m glad I did,” Skrillex at the time. “And for better or for worse, there’s so much to express.”

Skrillex Shares Upcoming Album Teasers To Release This Year