The 1975 Confirm New Album Title With Lyrics Of New Song “Part Of The Band”

Part Of The Band Lyrics
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English pop-rock band, The 1975 has confirmed his new album, “Being Funny in a Foreign Language,” and also shared the new song, “Part Of The Band” lyrics.

The band recently shared a new photo in Instagram with the message: “Your new album. Your new era. Your old friends. The 1975.” And, a press release from around the same time noted that July 7 is “a significant date for the band in advance of their fifth studio album.”

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The new song will appear on the upcoming album Being Funny in a Foreign Language, and the presumed tracklist includes “Part of the Band,” as well as the usual album-opening “The 1975.”

Being Funny in a Foreign Language Tracklist:

01 The 1975
02 Happiness
03 Looking for Somebody (To Love)
04 Part of the Band
05 Oh Caroline
06 I’m in Love With You
07 All I Need to Hear
08 Wintering
09 Human Too
10 About You
11 When We Are Together

Lyrics Of New Song “Part Of The Band”

She was part of the airforce
I was part of the band
I always used to bust into her hand
In my imagination
I was living my best life
Living with my parents
Way before the paying penance and verbal propellants
And my cancellations

And I fell in love with a boy,
it was kinda lame
I was Rimbaud and he was Paul Verlaine
In my imagination
So many cringes in the heroin binges,
I was coming off the hinges,
Living on the fringes of my imagination

Enough about me now
‘You gotta talk about the people baby’

Now I’m at home – somewhere I don’t like
Eating stuff off of motorbikes
Coming to her lookalikes

I can’t get the language right
Just tell me what’s unladylike

I know some Vaccinista tote bag chic baristas sitting in east on their communista keisters writing about their ejaculations

I like my men like I like my coffee – full of soy milk and so sweet it won’t offend anybody whilst staining the pages of The Nation

A Xanax and a Newport
‘I take care of my kids’ she said

The worst of inside of us begets that feeling on the internet
It’s like someone intended it
A diamond in the rough begets the diamond with a scruff you get

Am I ironically woke? The butt of my joke? Or I am just some post-coke, average, skinny bloke calling his ego imagination?

I’ve not picked up that in 1,400 days and 9 hours and 16 minutes babe – it’s kind of my daily iteration

The 1975 Confirm New Album Title With Lyrics Of New Song “Part Of The Band”