The Rolling Stones New Album ‘Goats Head Soup’ 2020 Deluxe Out Now

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The Rock band, The Rolling Stones has shared their brand new classic album named ‘Goats Head Soup‘ 2020 Deluxe edition. Listen to the full album below.

This classic album ‘Goats Head Soup‘ 2020 Delux has been restored to its full glory with a new stereo album mix, sourced from the original session files. The album is available across multiple formats, including expansive 4LP & 4CD boxsets, limited edition clear vinyl, and even cassette tape.

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The album features 12 tracks and 15 live performances set including three previously released unheard tracks, ‘Criss Cross’, ‘Scarlet’, ft. Jimmy Page and ‘All The Rage,’ plus demos, outtakes, live performances, and more.

Keith Richards later said that the trouble with live albums was that the band were always aware that they were recording and turned the stage into the studio; the perk of Brussels Affair was that they were playing uninhibited, a spirit you can hear in blinding takes on “Rip This Joint” and “Street Fighting Man”, and the sprawl of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”, which runs on for 11 opulent minutes.

The Rolling Stones New Album ‘Goats Head Soup’ 2020 Deluxe

The Rolling Stones – ‘Goats Head Soup’ 2020 Deluxe Out Now! Like this album? Stream and download the full album by clicking here.

Goats Head Soup coincided with a moment in which the band went from being famous musicians to genuine celebrities, living shorthand for the myth and promise of rock ’n’ roll.

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In the months before the sessions started, they toured the States, playing for 40,000 people in Washington, D.C., on Independence Day and later beaming into middle America for an interview with Dick Cavett. “Can you picture yourself at age 60 doing what you do now?” Cavett asks Jagger.

“Easily, yeah,” he says. Both men laugh, though only one seems to think it’s a joke.