TOBACCO Drops New Single ‘Babysitter,’ Also Announces New Album


The American electronic musician, TOBACCO has released his brand new single named ‘Babysitter‘ featuring record producer, Trent Reznor. Listen to the full song and the tracklist of the album below.

TABACCO also announced his upcoming album ‘Hot, Wet & Sassy,’ Coming to the track, the track renders Reznor’s voice virtually unrecognizable, hiding it beneath vocoder and Fec’s equally distorted voice.

He sings, “I’m the new babysitter / I’m the new babysitter / I’m your babysitter / And I can make time slow down / Keep that secret out my ear / Vous êtes la pire / You’re second tier / Light the garbage leave it burnin here / Cause you don’t charm me charm me charm me, darlin.”

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In a press release, Fec said about the new music of ‘Babysitter’ was “new for me,” “I wanted to write a song that was everything I am and have been, and then like one notch further. Trent was the notch further.”

‘Hot, Wet & Sassy’ will mark Fec’s first album under the TOBACCO moniker since 2016’s ‘Sweatbox Dynasty’. Of the new record, Fec said he wanted to move in a new direction.

“For the past decade, I’ve had this motherfxcker (sic) on my shoulder that makes me pick away at structure and melody. Purposely covering up moments because I can. That really came to a peak on Sweatbox,” he added.

“I wanted the opposite this time. Write the songs without ripping them in half. I went from ‘what would the Butthole Surfers do?’ to ‘what would Cyndi Lauper do?’”

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TOBACCO New Single ‘Babysitter,’ Also Announces New Album

Stream and Download the ‘Babysitter’ full track, also pre-save the album here.

The tracklist of ‘Hot, Wet & Sassy’ is: 

  1. ‘Centaur Skin’
  2. ‘Pit’
  3. ‘Headless to Headless’
  4. ‘Stabbed by a Knight’
  5. ‘Chinese Aquarius’
  7. ‘Jinmenken’
  8. ‘Babysitter’ [ft. Trent Reznor]
  9. ‘Road Warrior Pisces’
  10. ‘Poisonous Horses’
  11. ‘Mythemim’
  12. ‘Body Double’
  13. ‘Motherfuckers 64’
  14. ‘Perfect Shadow’