Wunderhorse Shares New Single “Silver” From Midas

Wunderhorse New Single Silver
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Wunderhorse has released the new single “Silver” off their upcoming second album Midas. “Silver” is the third single from ‘Midas’, following July, and the title track. The LP is set to release on August 30.

The song Silver starts with crisp guitar chords, vocalist Jacob Slater sings: “Yeah, I was crooked from the cradle / I’m a bastard from the start / And I kept some pretty people / In the hollow of my heart.”

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According to a press release, the song almost didn’t make it onto “Midas” since it didn’t fit with the album. The band, consisting of Slater, guitarist Harry Fowler, drummer Jamie Staples, and bassist Pete Woodin, finally stripped back the song while working at Pachyderm Studios in Minnesota and discovered its final form.

In a press release, Slater stated of “Silver”: “The song is about that ugly side of yourself that you try to keep a secret, but you know it’s there because it makes your skin crawl sometimes. It gets you places but fucks you up in the process. Everyone has elements of their makeup that they’d rather not admit to or keep locked away and never look at. That’s what ‘Silver’ is about. Kind of.”

Watch Out for the Wunderhorse’s New Single “Silver”:

Polocho directed the song’s accompanying music video. Slater sitting inside a dollhouse next to a caged bird while someone peeks in through the window. Other elements from their prior song videos appear, like a rocking horse and a toy monkey.