Your Old Droog Team Up With MF DOOM For New Song, “Dropout Boogie”

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American rapper, Your Old Droog has teamed up with Late rapper, MF DOOM for the new song named “Dropout Boogie.” Listen to the full song below.

it was produced by Edan. A limited 7″ edition of “Dropout Boogie” is coming soon via Nature Sounds. “This the first song I ever recorded with DOOM,” Your Old Droog said in a statement.

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“I remember getting the verse back and realizing that I had come full circle. That same night I drove by my old community college where I used to listen to DOOM heavy back in ’07-’08 and I was in a semi-catatonic state playing that verse back over and over.” He added.

Your Old Droog continued, “This man’s work renewed my interest in hip-hop and rhyming at a time when I got tired of hearing what was on the radio or what was considered popular rap, I deadass started listening to classical music, and then I heard DOOM.”

“For him to end up appreciating what I do 10 years later shows the power of never giving up on your passion, staying the course, believing in yourself and having a vision.”

On 31st Dec 2020, MF Doom (real name Daniel Dumile) died at the age of 49. MF Doom’s wife Jasmine confirmed the news via Doom’s Instagram profile.

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Your Old Droog Team Up With MF DOOM For New Song, “Dropout Boogie”

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