Yungblud Unveils New Album ‘Weird,’ Drops New Song

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English singer & songwriter, Yungblud has unveiled his new album named ‘Weird,’ and also dropped a new track, ‘God save me, but don’t drown me out.’ Listen to the full song below.

The album, “WEIRD!” will be released on Friday 13th of November, which marks Harrison’s 2018 self-titled debut and last year’s ‘The Underrated Youth’ EP. It will feature 12 tracks, that includes ‘Cotton Candy’, ‘Mars’, Superdeadfriends’, ‘Ice Cream Man’, and ‘It’s Quiet In Beverly Hills’.

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Yungblud shared the album cover art via Instagram and wrote, “WEIRD! the album will be released on Friday 13th of November. I cannot wait for you to fall into this world with me. together let’s redefine what it means to be “different”. embrace the strange. never settle for being anything less than 100% who you are, even if that’s 15 different people all at the same time. I love each and every one of you for exactly who you are. you saved my fucking life! what does it mean to be weird? let’s find out.”

Yungblud Unveils New Album ‘Weird’

Listen to the full song here.

Earlier this week, The Doncaster artist (Dominic Harrison) teased the record and has so far shared its title track as well as ‘Strawberry Lipstick’.

You can pre-order/pre-save Yungblud’s new album ‘Weird’ here and see its tracklist below.

  1. Teresa
  2. cotton candy
  3. strawberry lipstick
  4. mars
  5. Superdeadfriends
  6. love song
  7. God save me but don’t drown me out
  8. ice cream man
  9. weird!
  10. charity
  11. it’s quiet in Beverly hills
  12. the freak show

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Today, Machine Gun Kelly announced that he has completed three new tracks with Singer Yungblud. Meanwhile, YUNGBLUD recently teamed up with British rock band, Bring Me The Horizon for a brand new song ‘Obey.‘