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Hello folks! hope you are doing well. In this post, we will consider the answer to the most asked question What happened to Rick Grimes? As you know, Rick Grimes is a character known to fans of The Walking Dead, whether from the TV show or the comic book series. He was the main character and leader of survivors in the zombie outbreak. Before the outbreak, he was a deputy sheriff, which gave him the skills to lead when things got tough.

Actor Andrew Lincoln played the role of Rick Grimes in the TV show The Walking Dead. Throughout the series, Rick deals with many tough situations and difficult decisions as he leads his group and tries to survive in a world destroyed by an apocalypse.

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What Actually Happened to Rick Grimes?

The way his character changes and his ability to lead during hard times are essential parts of The Walking Dead story. He was taken away by a CRM helicopter in the Ninth Season after he blew up a bridge to protect his people. Despite efforts by Daryl Dixon and Michonne to find him, he seemed gone forever.

After Andrew Lincoln departed from the series in 2018, fans were curious about where Rick went and why he didn’t come back. Even though there were different time leaps in the story. Danai Gurira left the show in Season 10 after her character Michonne found a hint that suggested Rick might still be alive.

In fact, a lot of theories circulated about his potential return to confront the Commonwealth or to finally reveal what happened to him in a scene that comes after the credits. “The Walking Dead” made good on this promise by bringing Rick Grimes back to show a bit of what he’s been up to and what might happen next for him.

Grimes’ Role in the Comic Series:

Rick’s tale began in Cynthiana, Kentucky. He got shot and went into a coma as the zombie outbreak started. When he woke up, he set out to find his family and eventually met up with them in Atlanta, Georgia. Their group had to deal with many challenges, like leadership disputes, dangerous people, and a trip to Washington, D.C. in search of a cure.

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Grimes’ In TV Series “The Walking Dead”

The TV series followed a parallel path, with the group seeking refuge in Alexandria and encountering Negan. A three-season war occurred between Rick’s group and Negan’s followers, with Rick’s side ultimately winning. However, internal conflicts in the community led to Rick seemingly sacrificing himself to save others. His fate became a mystery after the ninth season.

Comic v/s TV Series

The comic and TV versions of “The Walking Dead” have their similarities, but there are notable distinctions. Particularly, the destinies of certain characters vary between the two formats. Some characters who died early in the TV series had more extensive storylines in the comics, while others who met their end sooner in the comics had longer narratives on television.

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Rick Grimes’ Comeback

Rick’s comeback in Season 11 of “The Walking Dead” was a major moment. He was mysteriously known as “Prisoner Grimes,” which left fans eager to learn about his experiences while he was away. His reunion with Michonne also gave a glimpse of potential new adventures in their spinoff series.

The Walking Dead’s Latest Season: Season 11

The Walking Dead’s Season 11 has twenty-four episodes. The first episode of Acheron: Part 1 starts with Maggie leading a team as Alexandria faces a low food supply. Subsequent episodes like “Hunted”, “On The Inside”, “Trust”, and “Faith” make the series intriguing.

Coming to its final episode, Rest in Peace, the show switched between scenes of Rick and Michonne writing letters to their loved ones, encouraging them to keep going even when things seemed bleak. Rick, with no shoes on, walked along a riverbank with a bag and his cowboy boots.

When he heard a helicopter, he quickly loaded his stuff onto a boat. A voice from the helicopter told him to surrender, saying, “There’s no escape for the living.”

In this episode, “Rest in Peace,” “The Walking Dead” continued to be secretive about the CRM, similar to “Fear the Walking Dead” and “World Beyond.” However, the episode did confirm that Rick is in the CRM community, and he’s not there by choice.

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Know more about the Central character Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes is famous for his strong leadership qualities, sense of responsibility, and moral compass. He frequently makes tough choices to safeguard his group, including his wife Lori, son Carl, and other survivors they meet.

As the series unfolds, Rick undergoes significant personal growth. He transforms from a somewhat naive and idealistic person into a more practical and tough survivor. He grapples with the moral and ethical dilemmas of the post-apocalyptic world and encounters various threats, from both zombies and other living people.

Rick Grimes is a cherished and iconic figure in “The Walking Dead”. His presence in both the comics and the TV series has played a

crucial role in shaping the story and the moral dilemmas faced by survivors in a world filled with walkers and dangers.

Moreover, he is the first person to come up with a new plan to keep out those who aren’t welcome. He’s the one who consistently searches for people who haven’t returned, whether it’s a family member, a group member, or even a child he barely knows who might be in need of assistance.

Rick asks every new person he meets as a way to assess them, How many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? and Why? These questions are a way to test a person’s honesty rather than passing judgment based on what someone had to do to survive.

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