20 Your Favourite Best Black Dragon Ball Z Characters Ever

Black Dragon Ball Z Characters
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“Hey there, fellow Dragon Ball Z enthusiasts! Get ready for an adrenaline-fueled ride as we unveil our all-time favourite Black Dragon Ball Z characters. 

“Black Dragon Ball is a thrilling spin-off of the famous Dragon Ball series. It takes our beloved characters into an alternate universe, adding a darker, more intense vibe. The storyline unfolds with powerful battles, unexpected alliances, and exciting twists. It’s a fresh, exciting take on the DragonBall universe that keeps fans on the edge of their seats, offering a new perspective on their favourite characters and their epic journeys.”

These power-packed individuals have won our hearts with their intense battles and captivating tales. Join us as we delve into the exhilarating world of Black Dragon Ball Z characters and share our top 20 picks. Let’s rev up the excitement and celebrate these legendary warriors together!”

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1- Vegeta 


Vegeta is a proud Saiyan prince with a fiery temper.  Well, he is not your ordinary hero who comprises unmatched power and a sharp, no-nonsense attitude. Throughout the series, we witness his journey from a ruthless antagonist to a complex, multi-dimensional warrior. His struggles, growth, and unwavering determination make him a key figure in the Black Dragon Ball saga.

2- Gohan


Gohan is Goku’s son, kind-hearted and powerful. He’s a scholar but can unleash great strength when needed. He grows and evolves throughout the series.

3- Piccolo


Piccolo is a green, wise Namekian. He once was evil but became good, teaching and protecting Earth. He’s skilled in combat and a key ally to the Z Fighters.

4- Goku 

“Goku, the ultimate hero in Black Dragon Ball, continues to captivate audiences with his unyielding spirit and incredible strength. In this alternate universe, Goku’s determination to protect the world is heightened, showcasing his evolution from a determined warrior to a true legend. His adventures, iconic battles, and the quest for power take on a whole new level of excitement. 

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5- Future Trunks

Future Trunks is a courageous warrior from a dark future. He’s Vegeta’s son and a skilled fighter. He time-travels to warn and help the present Z Fighters.

6- Frieza 

Frieza is a ruthless, powerful villain. He’s a galactic emperor, cold-hearted and cruel. He seeks power and wants to control the universe.

7- Android 17

Android 17 is a powerful, stoic android. He was initially a villain but became good. He’s skilled in combat, caring about nature and protecting it.

8- Bulma 

Bulma is a clever, tech-savvy scientist. She’s Goku’s friend and Vegeta’s wife. She’s adventurous, intelligent, and a vital member of the Z team.

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9- Android 18

“Ever met Android 18 in Black Dragon Ball? She’s a powerful, mysterious character. In this different world, she’s even more formidable and interesting. She starts as a tough opponent and then becomes a vital friend. Let’s explore how Android 18 evolves in Black Dragon Ball and what makes her so cool in this version.”

10- Krillin 

Krillin is a brave, bald martial artist. He’s Goku’s best friend and a key Z Fighter. He’s skilled, loyal, and often finds himself in tough battles.

11- Granolah

Granolah is a skilled, vengeful warrior seeking revenge. He’s the last of his kind, driven by loss and hatred. He’s determined to be the strongest.

12- Zamasu 

“Meet Zamasu in Black Dragon Ball. He’s a really strong and kind of mean deity who doesn’t like regular people. In this different story, he creates a lot of problems. Let’s find out why Zamasu is a big deal in Black Dragon Ball and what makes him intriguing.”

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13- Master Roshi 

Master Roshi is an old, wise martial arts master. He’s Goku and Krillin’s teacher. He’s known for his humour, love of girls, and powerful techniques.

14- Bardock 

Bardock is Goku’s father, a brave Saiyan warrior. He fought against Frieza’s tyranny and had a glimpse into the future. He’s strong and protective.

15- Caulifla 

Caulifla is a spirited, talented Saiyan warrior. She’s from Universe 6, loves challenges, and becomes strong quickly. She’s a key member of Team Universe 6.

16- Hit

“Ever heard of Hit in Black Dragon Ball? He’s a cool assassin with time-skipping powers. In this version, he’s even more skilled and exciting. Watch the show and find out why Hit is a standout character in Black Dragon Ball and what makes him so awesome in this setting.”

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17- Beerus

Beerus is a powerful, feline deity of destruction. He’s from Universe 7 and loves food. He’s strong, whimsical, and often accompanied by his attendant, Whis.

18- Pikkon

Pikkon is a strong, honourable warrior from the Other World. He’s skilled in combat and rivals Goku’s strength. He values justice and helps maintain order.

19- Broly 

Broly is an immensely powerful Saiyan with unmatched strength. He’s known for his intense rage and legendary power. Initially a villain, he later gains more control and becomes a complex character.

20- Tien 

Tien is a skilled, disciplined martial artist. He’s a former enemy turned ally of Goku. Furthermore, He’s focused, with unique techniques like the Tri-Beam. He’s part of the Z Fighters.

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