TOP 10 Best Motivational Indian Rap Songs

Best Motivational Rap Songs

Everyone has downtimes in their lives as everyone goes through struggles and in these stressful times of this Global Pandemic, the situation is rougher. So we brought a list of the Top 10 best motivational Indian Rap songs for you people.

These rap songs listed on the basis of their views, which means their popularity because all these artists are great and music is subjective so our choices differ sometimes.

So the most popular track will be on top but yeah we are not judging their quality or anything. we will just give you explanations about these songs and artists.

These songs made their place in this list of Top 10 best motivational Indian Rap songs because of their struggle and their musicality that the audience liked it that much.

There are a lot of motivational songs from the same artists as Dino James used to make tracks about his struggle at the start of his music journey. most of his tracks are motivational but we could only mention 1 track by him (you guys can try to guess the track and its place on the list) so more artists get their fair place in this list and you guys can see the work of different artists.

All songs on this list have different almost different vibes and stories. So here we start our list of the Top 10 best motivational Indian rap songs.

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1. Aage Chal – Raftaar

The story of an Artist who progressed past his critics, non-believers and his inner demons to become a national Icon as the description of this song says, which is 100% true.

Raftaar has done a lot of change with his music and he changed a lot in this music industry. He dragged underground hip-hop to mainstream and at the present, he is one of the most respected rappers in the scene. The title of this track and the hook is so smart and says a lot about his optimism that how everyone criticized him but he took it positively to build himself up.

This song says a lot about his struggle through his journey to becoming a rap icon. He talked about how he still remembers and cherishes the moments of his early stage of struggle life, he still is in contact with his childhood friends.


If we talk about music and video, this is just great. This was a high-quality production music video. the concept of the video was great as it was all about ignoring the haters, and at the end of the video you can observe how Raftaar runs towards some demonic people (haters) and instead of fighting them, he slides to the stage in front of the crowd and this scene will definitely give you goosebumps as it is just great, the transition was so smooth.

About music, Saurabh Lokhande produced the music and he just set the grand vibe to the song. You can listen to it on repeat easily. This song is a hardcore rap track, And it will motivate you for sure, if it doesn’t then try the next songs on the list. One of the Best Motivational Indian Rap Songs.

2. Loser – Dino James

Dino James is known for his Motivational songs and this is one of the first Motivational tracks he uploaded, this track is too emotional because of the story of Dino James. He pointed out the story of every middle-class person or anyone who wants to achieve their dreams.

Dino said he had to leave all the materialistic things and had to do all that just to achieve nothing (he was not popular at that time) that is why he stated himself as a loser because he defeated by the rules and problems world created for him.

But if he even shared his positive perspective to everything that he would not lose to these situations, no matter what! Just a little more patience and everything will be alright. This track is great to listen to in your really bad moments, not only because it will motivate you but because you would be able to relate to most of the things he has been through in his life.


If we talk about the whole Music Video. It’s just brilliant, it will just make you emotional because in the video you will notice small things which you might relate to like there is a part where Dino looks at the meter of Auto Rickshaw and stops it when he realizes that he doesn’t have enough money to cover any more distance.

This whole track is just an emotional and motivational trip. This is not a hardcore rap track but an emotional lyrical rap track. The lyrics are just on point and dig deep in the chest.

The music will just take you into deep thoughts and you will feel motivated. One of the Best Motivational Indian Rap Songs.

3. Teesri Manzil – Divine

The Gully Boy of Desi Hip-Hop made a track about his success and struggle. Teesri Manzil is really an inspiring hip-hop track. Divine used proper lyricism and Phenom just nailed the beat. In this track, Divine shared his journey of struggle and success.

You can assume the whole struggle in the lines where he mentioned how his songs played from Dharavi to Karachi and he has seen enough life through Rickshaw to Ferrari. There are so many flow switches in this song, this is a proper masterpiece. This song is not emotional or aggressive, it’s just motivational.

You will feel the energy inside you and a lot of thoughts after listening to this, This is not even about optimism, it’s all about struggle and motivation. Divine shared his parts of the story and he knows that there are many Gully Boy out there who are waiting for an opening for their dream.

This track is one of those songs which you would like to listen to while working on your dreams. I won’t tell you more about the lyricism or thoughts divine put in this because you better find the meaning of this track by yourself and I bet you won’t regret it.

let’s talk about the vibes this Music Video and track gives. This track gives old-school gangsta vibes, the music is just great with that melody and vocals on top of a boom-bap beat.

The video is interesting too as you can see Divine vibing with his homies from Gully Gang. One of the Best Motivational Indian Rap Songs.

4. Mein – Emiway

Need some energy? This track is full of energy you need to move forward in your life by ignoring all distractions. This track schools you about how you should avoid the haters and remember even if they hate you, they are talking about you and when they talk behind your back then you are on the right path.

This is the main message covered in this track and obviously, we won’t summarize the whole lyrics in this blog. And he fired a few shots at his ex too maybe, well what makes this track great and Emiway a respected artist is that he made the whole song, he rapped and made the music which rappers usually do not do.


The music video is really great as Emiway is an expert at showing his presence in his videos, he is never shy in front of the camera, the Music is just awesome and is perfectly made for this track, it has a lot of energy in it and that underground feel too, the lyrics are really great, the multi-syllable rhymes he did in certain parts are just outstanding and even the hook of the song is so good. You guys should check it out for sure.

5. Interview – Ikka

This track is based on the life story of Ikka and this is emotional and inspiring. Ikka never spoke too much about his story or a few questionable things he always avoided. But in this track, he shared all he wanted you guys to know about his struggle.

The start song from his childhood to his present as a storyline, He rapped about how his family was not in the best condition and how he grew up and his sister supported his start in rap and then he joined a few crews and now he is hereafter facing a huge struggle.

At the time when Ikka and most of the present rappers started Hip-Hop rap in India, there were like zero scopes of this, we should thank these guys to make it easier for a new generation of rappers or artists.

Just listen to this track and you will know how it all started and you will know the story of Mafia Mundeer too, although he didn’t reveal that why h left it but he appreciated everyone in that crew as it was part of his journey and few secrets should not be revealed because it can create conflicts.


About the video it was just great, the best part of the video was how he was pulling white curtains from the paintings while revealing a new part of his story but he stopped when he was rapping about Mafia Mundeer as the curtain was black too so which shows that it was a dark secret that why he left the crew and it’s better to forget it because they all are doing great in their present life.

About the track it was just great, you can listen to it on repeat easily. The hook is super catchy, the lyrics are as expected from Ikka, he is a great lyrical rapper and he just wrote this track really good. One of the Best Motivational Indian Rap Songs.

6. Do Or Die – Addy Nagar

Bullying is getting normalized a lot in schools or anywhere, people usually get bullied on their body shape. This track is about bullying too. But it’s more focused on the perspective of the Victim and focused on how to become strong mentally.

The lyrics shared a few thoughts and incidents which happens with a lot of kids like getting robbed and getting beaten up for no fault at all. The video shows how a skinny guy is just trying to live his life normally but everyone in his surroundings is just bullying him even when he goes to the gym to build himself up, instead of encouraging him the other guys bully him.

The lyrics of this track are easily relatable and a lot of people will relate because kids get bullied a lot because there are no strict actions for it.

The message we get from this track is that even if you can not stop it from happening, you still face it because you are already going through the worse. Sum up that anger into power and prove everyone wrong. And that boy does the same, he put his emotions into his hard work and achieves a lot in life.


This track is just great and it takes a lot of emotion switches as in the melodic part it will make you feel emotional but as soon as the beat drops it will make you feel powerful and energetic.

This is the best song for banging while doing the workout. And the melodic part of this track is just great, the lyrics are really heart-touching and it’s like he wrote down what you were hesitating to speak. Make sure to check out this track, you will love it for sure. One of the Best Motivational Indian Rap Songs.

7. Inception – Badshah

If you have never heard the lyrical songs of Badshah then this one is for you. Badshah has contributed as much as any other rap icon in Desi Hip-Hop. It’s not his fault that his lyrical tracks are underrated.

In this track, Badshah kind of replied to his haters as most of his 3 AM sessions are replies to people who criticize him for his commercial work. No one can hold the top spot in an industry for 10+ years without having talent.

Badshah rapped about how being on top is lonely as there are more jealous faces than supporters. He talked about his struggle and how he was just a common man like us and now he is on the list of special people, he is a successful Artist.

Badshah believes that these haters are waiting for his one-flop song as they can’t see him on the top and want him to fall off the top spot. This track is lyrically insane, no one would have expected this from Badshah as he is popular for his commercial music, this is way too underrated as this only got 3.9 Million views. So, go check it out and see the real Badshah.


The music is really chill and it’s a Lo-Fi track, the producer NakuLogic just did his best and it feels like this beat was made for Badshah as many of his 3 AM sessions are on Lo-Fi beat. His voice suits this a lot and the lyrics will just teach you that how you should avoid haters or people who are jealous of you. This is the type of track you would like to listen to before going to bed. It is calm and thought-provoking and will motivate you to work hard for your dreams.

8. Pagal Hai Kya – Fotty Seven

I think we are doing pretty good in covering songs with different vibes and topics, here is some hard stuff for you guys presented by Delhi based rapper Fotty Seven, It won’t be anything wrong if I call him rapper and music producer because he produces his own beats most of the time.

This track is mainly focused on fake friends who are just with you for their profit, once you get in a bad situation in your life they will just leave you. And Fotty Seven pretty much roasted them much motivating us too which is why he is different.

Fotty Seven believes that you don’t have to stress if you are doing your best and the main reason for your stress can be these fake friends who are there to use you in every possible way they can. Fotty Seven shared his own experience with fake friends and how they are now calling him after he is successful and they were nowhere around him in his bad times. You can bang this track in your workout sessions as it got too much energy.

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The beat of this track is just great and perfect for the style Fotty Seven represents, obviously because he made the beat himself. The lyrics are great with an awesome rhyme scheme and meanings. This is totally for you if you need some motivation from a backbencher friend if you know what I mean, So go listen to this track. One of the Best Motivational Indian Rap Songs.

9. Agar Main Haara – Karma

This track was released by Vivek who is Karma now and is a signed artist with Kalamkar. He has reached his goal to be called a rapper now but this song was released when he was struggling alone and this fact makes this song more related.

The theme of the song is about even if Vivek fails a thousand times he will start again and keep it up till he wins. The lyrics are really great and motivational, Vivek (Karma) has been a great writer from start. In this song, his main message is that there will be a point in life where you will start losing things, you will lose hope because of certain situations but don’t lose hope, you only live once so give it your best.

The lyrics of this track are really touchy especially the intro is really great, it sets the vibe. In this video, you can even notice that the production quality is not top-notch which kind of shows that he was trying his best to get his name in the market even with fewer resources.

Many fans of Karma wanted him to remake this track because it’s highly underrated but as he said that these tracks are part of his memory and struggle. the quality shows his struggle and he wants to remember it forever.


The musicality of this track is the next level, the beat is just too good and soothing. And of course, Vivek (Karma) killed it nicely. The lyrics are as expected too great, the rhyme scheme, metaphors and meaning are just great.

The video production is great too for his early independent struggle, you guys should check it out for sure. This is a type of song you need to listen to when things are not going right in life when you feel like the hope is gone, this track might give you a new perspective to struggle.

10. Bade Tu Chal – Mob D X Dakait Shaddy

These poetic rappers made something that is perfect and the most underrated track on this list. This track is totally different from any other rap song on this list and only Mob D and Dakait Shaddy can do this.

The lyrics and music are just too good. The main message of this track was similar to the track on the 9th position but the lyrics and way of passing the message are just great. In simple words, the message is that just keep working hard on your dreams, even in your worst times if you find no solution just don’t stop, baby steps are better than standing still. These Dehradun-based rappers just nailed every expectation.

This track won’t put energy into you but this track is made for you to think better about yourself and to make you see the reality that you are not the only one suffering from these situations, this track will affect your thinking subconsciously if you understand and enjoy it.

Music has always been affecting human behaviour and Mob D & Dakait Shaddy know what they want to change in this society. One of the Best Motivational Indian Rap Songs.


Now let’s talk about the musicality, this track is a Lo-Fi track and the beat is just too relaxing. You should listen to this track before going to bed as it will just relax you and will make you feel better.

The beat was produced by Semmi on the beat and he did the best job. And the hook of this track clears out the message they are gonna share in this track.

The lyrics are just too good, these guys are true poets. Both the verses are full of meaning, Multi syllable rhymes, different flows and cadences. This track is just an art masterpiece.

Conclusion –

Here this list ends and we hope this helped you people and as we all know that the atmosphere is really tense these days. We know that everyone is feeling helpless but don’t lose hope because we are not alone in this.

The whole world is suffering from this. And to the struggling people out there, just keep hustling. It took decades for these artists to reach a level they deserve and still many of them are underrated but they are still doing their best. Listen to these tracks and stay motivated.