Best 10 HOUSE MUSIC Track For You

Best House Music

Here is the list of TOP TEN BEST HOUSE MUSIC YOU MUST LISTEN. After all research, we came up with the best music of all time. But before that, we should know about House music.

House is a genre of electronic dance music, defined by a repetitive four-on-the-floor beat and a typical tempo of 120 to 130 beats per minute. It was produced by DJs and music producers from Chicago’s underground club culture in the 1980s.

This has had a significant impact on pop music, mainly dance music. House music has remained popular on radio and clubs while maintaining a foothold on the underground scenes across the globe.

So, let’s go through the list:

1 – House Nation

House Master Boyz & The Rude Boy Of House - House Nation

This song House Nation is by The House Master Boyz, The Rude Boy of House. It was released in 1986.

Connected on a loop of stuttering, multi-tracked vocals, this 1986 classic brought the thrill of robotic machine-funk to a broader audience after its release on seminal Chicago label Dance Mania. Those soothing vocal surges still send shivers down spines today.

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2 – In The Morning – House Music

Fuzzy Logic - In The Morning (Feat. Egypt)

‘In The Morning’ is the most pleasing vocal UK funky tune beside Kyla and Crazy Cousinz’ ‘Do You Mind’.

An obvious underground hit, the bubbly 5-minute original was taken by Virgin and delivered a radio edit and music video to cash in on the fame of the London sound that was passing over into house music and the wider pop-o-sphere.

Still, an underground song in the capital and beyond, ‘In The Morning’ is pure class, a complete ray of sunshine and one of the best songs about sex before midday.

3 – He Is The Voice I Hear – House Music

The Black Madonna - He Is The Voice I Hear

The Black Madonna is a talented DJ who can work in anything from Sheffield bassline to down and dirty techno, but she shows off her Chicago spirit in this 10-minute belter of a house track.

Don’t let its minor key fool you: the pace and energy are enough to get anyone on their feet. From a winding, dynamic piano intro into an anxious violin line, ‘He Is The Voice I Hear’ is an odyssey, always propelling forwards while allowing them time to grow and change organically.

It’s a masterclass in an uplifting, fist-pumping, foot-stomping house that recalls the great Frankie Knuckles, always while putting a classic Black Madonna twist on things.

4 – Silent State

Silent State

If you need a moody, one-chord DJ tool to get you into another five minutes of the little hours, you could choose pretty much any Smallville side at random, and it’d do the trick.

Consequently, label artists like Lawrence, Smallpeople, Christopher Rau, and Julius Steinhoff have all had their fair part of seasonal hits with their brooding little bruisers.

Like new deep house at its most conditional and abstracted, it’s got nowhere to go and is in no rush to get there, moon stomping in place for 12 weightless minutes.

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5 – Where Love Lives – House Music

Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives

One of the most excellent examples of how dance music could do more than borrow hooks and melodies from pop. ‘Where Love Lives’ went one step forward.

UK singer Alison Limerick’s rich musical lines are layered over upfront house beats, producing the perfect crossover record. Directed right at the mainstream but still maintaining all involved dance music credentials.

Though it dropped in 1990, it wasn’t until 1996 that a remix package finally sent ‘Where Love Lies’ into the dizzy heights of the UK Top Ten, where it resided.

6 – Good Life

Inner City - Good Life (Official Video)

This is one of the best House music. It has over 6.6 million views, and over 55K likes on youtube. With its unashamedly upbeat vocals and colourful ’80s synths all over the place, ‘Good Life’ proved that dance music wasn’t all about heads-down raving in a dark basement club – it could also whisper it happy, for no damn reason at all.

7 – In the Trees

In The Trees (Original 1996 Version)

Released when dynamic electronica had all but erased house’s soulful emotion. “In the Trees” was a breath of fresh air made visible by the track’s windy sound effects and stormy classical orchestration.

Unlike just about all deep-house hit up to this point, the breakout cut by outer-London brothers Robin and Simon Lee is awash with authentic instrumentation: real strings, accurate bass, real drums.

No doubt inspired by early-’80s U.K. jazz-funk jams like Atmosfear’s “Dancing in Outer Space” and Powerline’s “Double Journey”.

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8 – French Kiss

Lil Louis - French Kiss

This is one of the best House music by Lil Louis. It has over 10 million views and over 77k likes on youtube.

This number from Chicago’s Lil’ Louis was one of the first house tracks to enjoy both significant commercial success and heavy club airplay on its release. Even one listen to its infectious, unrelenting groove and orgasmic tempo shifts.

They are enough to understand exactly why it got everyone so excited.

9 – Sadness 

Steffi - Sadness (ViNyl VerSion)

This is one of the best House music by Steffi. It has over 429K views on youtube. Steffi’s “Sadness” is a scale model of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” presented in a home-studio fashion.

It’s not a cover, but it uses the essential chords and vocal melody in a way that swaps out Laurel Canyon melancholy for the particulars of winter in Berlin — specifically, the vapour rising from bodies in the Panorama Bar while a grey chill presses against the windows.

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10 – GLUE

BICEP | GLUE (Official Video)

This House music is by Bicep. It has over 23 million views and over 325K likes on youtube. Encouraged by the song’s homage to the rave era, the video for Bicep’s GLUE by Joe Wilson is a series of landscapes that visit the sites once brought alive by now infamous raves.

Today, they sit isolated and empty, going to their former state, with little to show their impact on UK music culture. The immobile shots offer space to reflect on the importance and characteristic of these locations and how an abandoned lido, remote airfield and disused warehouse helped shape the lives of a generation.

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