10 Best Make-Out Songs Must Listen With Your Lover

best make out songs
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Who doesn’t like making out? So, here I am comprising this list with the best make-out songs you must listen to while sharing cuddles and kisses with your partner.

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Kisses set the romantic mood and ignite the spirit, they are ageless. Make-out songs come in a variety of styles, such as the one that plays when you sync with that particular someone or the one that transports you back to high school when you held your adolescent crush in a mind-blowing embrace.

Making out with hot, lovely, and sensual music can create a tone, cause it makes things more interesting and sets the mood for the partners. The songs can show the love, compassion and respect you have for your partner.

So, here comes the list of top 10 make-out songs you must listen to while making out especially.

10. Never Gonna Give Ya Up – Barry White

When it comes to seductively rich make-out songs, this Los Angeles vocalist who topped the disco charts is one artist you should not miss.

9. Shine on your Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd

This song is great at a mesmerising 25 minutes and 34 seconds with many sections. It’s a hymn if you know the context. If you don’t, the lyrics will capture you. Because, every now and again, romanticism will “Shine on Your Crazy Diamond”

8. Perfect – Ed Sheeran

One of the most perfect make-out songs. As its name suggests it is just Perfect. Also one of the most viewed videos on youtube with over 2 Billion views.

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7. So Long Marianne – Leonard Cohen

Leonard Cohen wrote this masterpiece for his beloved Marianne before he became a global legendary icon. Their tale ends in sadness, but this beautiful passionate make-out song with a little bit of “so long” resonates, cause, there’s always a bit of goodbye in everything?

6. Layla – Eric Clapton

This song is just made to woo your girl and excellently composed and penned by the legendary icon himself.

5. Slow Dancing In The Burning Room – John Mayer

The whole album Continuum is sexy and very much a mood creator. But this song creates a different vibe. One of the very best make-out songs you can listen to.

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4. Need You Tonight – INXS

Crowds chanted for INXS star Michael Hutchence, who was linked to a slew of prominent ladies during his 1980s heyday. Hutchence’s attraction is in the way he starts singing as he means it.

3. Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley

If it’s a list of make-out songs then the “King Of Romance” is surely making the list. In his short life, he gained huge recognition and fame.

2. Romeo & Juliet – Dire Straits

Romeo-Juliet were unable to fulfil their loveful desires but you can. Cause you can be your own version of Romeo & Juliet.

1. Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton

The absolute best on the list. The lyrics, the sexy guitar licks and the “Cream of Clapton” take you to a different world.