10 Best Minecraft YouTubers You Must Know

Minecraft YouTubers
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Hey folks, this article is about the Minecraft YouTubers. However, Minecraft is a Sandbox video game, which is about players creating and breaking several kinds of blocks in a three-dimensional world. You can play this game by yourself or you can play online with your friends or other people over the internet. 

Furthermore, you will be surprised to know that YouTube has recently crossed about 1 trillion views on Minecraft-related content. well, no doubt that this is such a huge number to cross. 

Moreover, the best part is Minecraft YouTubers have been benefited from this popular game too. The game is being designed in such a way that it gives the player an amazing feel whilst playing. The great part is that every session with Minecraft is exhilarating because of that rush, that experience of unexpected and unpredictable adventure, which enhances the playing experience. 

In order to make you learn everything about this enthralling game, we have prepared a list of top-ranked Minecraft YouTubers. Therefore, these guys are capable of enhancing your playing experience. 

So without any further ado, let’s dive straight into this phenomenal list of Minecraft YouTubers.

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1- DanTDM

Daniel Robert Middleton is the actual name of this famous Minecraft YouTuber, DanTDM. Apart from being known as a famous YouTuber, he is also a musician, actor, and author. Furthermore, he has other youtube channels too, namely (DanTDM Live, DanTDM Shorts, etc.) which are about this game. 

  • Subscribers: 26 Million (main channel)
  • Views: 18.5 Billion (main channel)

Till yet he has posted over 3500 videos, as he has been active on his channel since 2012. He has won several kids’ choice awards and set Guinness world records for his gaming and presenting. He is indeed an extremely talented man. His yearly income is approx $16.5 million.

2- Dream

Apart from being a Youtuber, he is also a Twitch Streamer. He is best at creating Minecraft content. He runs several channels on youtube namely, Dream, DreamXD, Dream Team, Dream shorts, Dream Music, and others. 

Furthermore, he became more famous in the years 2019 and 2020 because he created more videos on Minecraft. He is specific about creating content on Minecraft Manhunt, speedruns of Minecraft. Youtube has also awarded him with an award for gaming in 2020 and 2021. 

Moreover, on February 26, 2022, Dream uploaded the final Minecraft Manhunt. His every video received a lot of positive reviews and tones of likes from the viewers. 

  • Subscribers: 28.2 million ( main ), 39.9 million (combined)
  • Views: 2.97 billion (combined) 

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3- Jelly

He is known for designing gaming videos and vlogs. His real name is Jelle Van Vucht. 

Furthermore, Jelle was born in Roermond in the province of Limburg. He also has a brother named Koen van Vucht. Jelle followed an audio-visual course in Eindhoven but quit to focus on his own businesses.

  • Subscribers: 21.9 million +
  • Views: 13 billion+

4- CaptainSparklez

His real name is Jordan Maron. Apart from being a YouTuber, he is also a Twitch streamer, Electronic Musician. His channel is currently the 755th most-subscribed channel on YouTube. He started his channel in 2010. Furthermore, This man has a total of 11 youtube channels.  

Maron is really talented, he has created several Minecraft-themed songs and music videos. Being an electronic music enthusiast, having used tracks from the label monster cast on gameplay videos, he has set some targets for other YouTubers. 

Moreover, he was featured in the 2016 Forbes 30 under 30 lists. Later he started a mobile gaming company called XREAL. 

  • Subscribers: 11.2 million subscribers
  • Views: 3.85 billion

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5- PrestonPlayz

Prestonplayz is an American whose actual name is Preston Blaine Arsement. However, gaming is his profession. He has several other Youtube channels named, PrestonGamez, Preston, and TBNRfrags. 

Furthermore, the reason why he stays in the limelight is that he plays games against his friends. The irony is that his friends are also famous YouTubers in the same field. 

His Net worth is around $2 Million. Till yet he has uploaded around 3,808 videos which is a huge number in such a short time. 

  • Subscribers: 12.2 Million+
  • View: 6.2 billion+

6- UnspeakableGaming

The actual name of this YouTuber is Nathan. His channel only comprises Minecraft videos. The intriguing and quirky part about his videos is that he makes unspeakable content videos on his channel. However, he always comes up with humorous videos which helps him to gain popularity and viewership. 

Furthermore, in his videos he conducts pranks on his friends, takes and gives insane challenges. 

Apart from being a successful YouTuber, he is also a friendly guy who had a good rapport with many other fellow YouTubers. 

Moreover, he started his main channel on 0ctober 9, 2012 & he posted the first series titled Minecraft Survival Island on November 17, 2012. 

  • Subscribers: 10 Million+
  • Views: 3 billion+

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7- PopularMMOs

Patrick pat is the actual name of this YouTuber.

He uploads Minecraft videos and vlogs on his channel. 

However, The funny part is he plays with GamingWithJen (his ex – wife) in almost all of his videos. 

Furthermore, He is one of the 32 YouTubers to be featured in Kris Madas YouTuber challenge. 

  • Subscribers: 17.3 Million+
  • Views: 14 billion+

8- IHasCupquake

Tiffany Michelle Herrera is the actual name of this American YouTuber. She has Uploaded around 4.7k videos on her Handel yet. However, she joined this channel on August 19, 2010. 

Furthermore, she is the girl who is known to be making funny content, she is clumsy, bubbly, and adorable, which is why people love to watch and adore her videos. Her videos are usually kid-friendly. 

Moreover, she has uploaded a series named, Minecraft oasis, Minecraft to the Death on her channel. However, she also has organized the Minecraft Championship. This Minecraft tournament IS For YouTubers and Streamers run by the Noxcrew.  

  • Subscribers: 6.99 Million+
  • Views: 2 Billion+

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9- LDShadowLady

The official name of this YouTuber is Lizzie. She plays several games on her channel including Minecraft & Sims 4. 

However, she started her youtube channel in the year of 2010. Furthermore, She started her channel with a series on the Scotland server which followed her adventures in Minecraft when it was a new game. 

Moreover, when Lizzie ended her single-player series in January 2013, she replaced it with ShadowCraft. A modded, single-player series that a lot of her subscribers love. She later created a new version called ShadowCraft 2 due to its Predecessor’s popularity. 

Therefore, till yet she has uploaded more than 1k videos. 

  • Subscribers: 6.68 Million+
  • Views: 3 billion+ 

10- Stampylonghead

The actual name of this YouTuber is Joseph Garret. He belongs to the UK. The intriguing part about his videos is he plays the funny commentary by adding the spice of comical effect in his videos. 

However, Till yet this YouTuber has uploaded 3.8k videos. His Net worth is around $18 Million. 

Furthermore, hu subscriber numbers go up by 1,000 per day indicating strong popularity among YouTube users. 

  • Subscribers: 10.5 Million+
  • Views: 7 billion+