10 Best Music Maker Software Every Producer Need

Music maker software
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Hello Guys! Today we will talk about the best music maker software that you might be looking for. Let’s begin with spotting the properties of good music software. It’s the music software which enables you to perform recordings for bands, singers & musicians. 

No doubt, we all approach creating music according to our taste & requirements. So, it’s purely research and experiment-based work for any producer to select which software is working for him.

There is one suggestion – “Don’t become dependent on using only one type of software for longer than required. Why? Because the different – different software comes up with something new to learn. However, when you rely on using only one at a time, you are surely missing out on something which can enhance your work and productivity at the same time.”

Well, there is no denying the fact every software has its pros and cons. And in this article, we will precisely discuss those In order to select which music software will work best for you. 

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Here I have jotted down the list of best-selected music software which are being used by professionals worldwide.

1. Ronald zenbeats 2

It’s a free digital audio workstation. Ronald Zenbeats 2 software is purely designed to enhance your performance effortlessly. This works across any platform. It’s easy to use and comes up with tremendous factors. Let’s have a quick look at its pros and cons. 


  1. It’s a great beginner tool. This comes up with a plethora of beat making and looping tools. This will help you in creating rhythms in no time. 
  1. The inbuilt loaded features of this music software will help you to have a lot of ideas to choose from, with putting minimal time and effort on your system.
  1. This software provides accessibility to both your phone and your laptop. It has multi-program plugin support.
  1. It allows you to play with your creativity. Also it gives you the access to add “personalised art” tag to your song. 


As far as people have reviewed this, they have experienced no cons of using the free software tool till yet. The reason why users prefer this at first is the free accessibility. 

Note: to unlock the whole Zenbeats experience, there are three stages that Zenbeats provides;

  • Platform unlock 
  • Max unlock
  • Ronald cloud membership

Now it depends on your learning skills, how far you can go with this software tool. One of the best Music maker software of all time.

2. Studio one 5 

Studio One 5 tool is primarily designed for those studio engineers & musicians, who feel music never should make anyone feel like they have to work hard on it, despite it should make them feel like they are just playing with creating music at ease. 


  1. It allows you to perform the opening for various podcasts and audiobook creators. 
  2. It is among the best DAW that people can use and experience. 
  3. Sound variations that it provides makes it easier to record even the orchestral libraries . 
  4. This comes up with amazing loaded effects and instruments, which will enhance your mood to work for longer than usual on your project.
  5. Promotes live performances, recordings, mixing. Similarly, a lot more. It’s extra features includes, Monophonic and Polyphonic tracks.


  1. It has a low count of virtual instruments. 
  2. It’s highly incompatible with other plugins.
  3. Non- “core” features lacks a certain depth.

Cost: $365

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3. Ableton live 11 

Ableton lives always come up with upgraded versions to surprise its users. This is fast and flexible software.

This implies that it improves its DAW, despite radically altering it. One of the best Music maker software of all time.


  1. This recently has added four new features which were much needed and are stunning whilst using. The features are: 
  • Pitch loop 89 
  • Hybrid reverb 
  • Spectral resonator 
  • Spectral time. 
  1. This version comes up with new sound effects, some of which are inspired by nature, and are widely popular.
  2. This software enhances the experience of live tracking MIDI and of course, audio performances.
  3. This version of software allows you to set a range for a note’s velocity level. Basically, this will enhance the natural- sounding live performance. 


  1. This makes the transport – synced plugins, de-synced.


  1. Essential :- USD 99
  2. Full features :- USD 449 

4. Audacity 

Audacity is a free music software which has been available for free for years. It’s great in terms of recording a podcast or recording music. 


  1. Best free audio editor. Let’s quickly import, mix and combine audio tracks. 
  2. It supports multitrack audio.
  3. It supports batch processing. 


  1. Performing edits in performances limits to basic level. 
  2. Multi audio support which it provides, also limits to basic. 

Cost: Completely Free of cost. One of the best Music maker software of all time.

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5. Bitwig Studio 4

Bitwig Studio 4 software is easy to use and learn. It’s good for those who recently have started exploring this music production field. 

This provides plenty of options for a creator to work on his project efficiently. Options include, 

  • Songwriting tools to use at fingertips. 
  • Strong built hardware integration. 
  • Quirky sound modulation option.


  1. Provides unique customization options. 
  2. Simply designed to understand at ease. 
  3. Probably the best option for creators worldwide. 


  1. Limits advanced options to perform mixing, editing, recording and mastering. 

Cost: $ 399 USD – One of the best Music maker software of all time.

6. Garage band 

Garage band is a free music software, developed by apple. Hang up here, are you an Apple user? If yes! Then you already have this music software. Just learn the basics about it and get started with creating something unusual. 

Well, It’s best in terms of its simply designed format which could be accessed by anybody. 

Crux; it’s simple yet one of the best-designed tools, to learn and start as a creator. 


  1. It reflects a simple yet elegant interface, and it provides access to almost every basic plugin you can start with. 
  2.  This comes up with widely essential tools which are worth using for production. 


  1. It’s only available for apple users. Which limits its publicity. 
  2. It doesn’t come up with a variety of options which you can have in other paid music software’s.

Cost: absolutely free

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7. Pro tools 

This music software is a standard choice for any music production house. Pro tools are excessively used for traditional music recordings at music production houses. One of the best Music maker software of all time.


  1. It provides the access to perform recording the music professionally. 
  2. It’s amazing in terms of editing speed and prime quality mixing. 
  3. Great in terms of audio production. 
  4. This has certain levels. Namely, 
  • Free
  • Introductory edition pro tools. ( you can select the one as per your need )


  1. As this is highly professional, it’s extremely cost effective. Also, the costing will leave you perplexed. 

Cost: $79.99 USD / month 

8. Steinberg Cubase 11 

Steinberg Cubase 11 software has been available for years. It’s widely known and popular. This was among the first commercially available DAW. 


  1. This software comes up with stunning features which will make your production work stand out among the crowd. 
  2. The inbuilt MIDI editing capabilities of this software is best among all. 
  3. This software is indeed capable of performing all the necessary tasks including pro level of audio and mixing, which you can ask for. 


  1. Yes, it does provide access to various options but unfortunately, at a very high rate. 

Note: go for this only when you are required to use the professional tools. Otherwise, you can go for other music software which is least cost-effective and are within your budget. 

Cost:  $878 USD

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9. Reaper 

The specialty of this software is it’s highly customizable. Developers update Reaper on a daily basis with new functionality. This software is very lightweight (10 MB). This gets updated in less than a minute. This lightweight feature makes it function very smoothly at a fast rate. 


  1. It comes up with a reasonably good effect plugin.
  2. You can change or customise the theme of Reaper by downloading a theme of your own choice.
  3. You even can customise the menu , shoutkeys, macros as per your need. 
  4. Very versatile and very potent DAW.
  5. This software can be used on MAC, Windows and can also be used on Linux. 


  1. Software looks a little bit outdated
  2. It doesn’t have the latest advanced shiny features. 
  3. It doesn’t come up with any instrument plugin or sound libraries. 

Cost:  $60 after the trial period

10. Fl studio 20 

FL Studio 20 software has been in use for 2 decades. This allows you to have 2 different workflows. It’s also known as the fruity loop, widely used among hip-hop music creators. One of the best Music maker software of all time.


  1. It has this feature of unique and flexible workflow. 
  2. Quick startup feature. Yes, this makes it relatively a good option for those who value their time. 
  3. This software provides good Aesthetics, modern looking interface. 
  4. Gives you access to internal and external controls. 
  5. It’s piano roll feature makes it exciting to use. 
  6. It allows you to share its plugin to other DAW’S. 
  7. It also provides community support. 
  8. This is absolutely a great bang for the buck. 


  1. Doesn’t come up with various software instrument options.
  2. Doesn’t have loaded plugins 
  3. It’s relatively less optimizable for music production tasks. 

Cost: $ 360 USD 

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get the music software of your choice. produce something unusual and yet amazing. 

All the very best!