15 Best Tinkerbell Characters Of All Time

Best Tinkerbell Characters
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Hello folks, In this article, we will be looking for the best Tinkerbell characters of all time. As we all know, Tinker Bell is an animated fantasy film series produced by DisneyToon Studios as part of the Disney Fairies franchise.

When you are looking for a family-friendly environment to share with your kids, nothing can compare to the Disney characters that have been loved and adored for decades. Tinkerbell is one of the most popular Disney characters out there. She is the tiny fairy that flies around, sprinkles pixie dust, and fixes problems.

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15 Best Tinkerbell Characters Of All Time

1 – Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell Tinkerbell Characters
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Tinker Bell aka Miss Bell is one of the popular characters in Disney’s 1953 animated feature film, Peter Pan. She is a sassy fairy, who serves as Peter Pan’s sidekick. She cherishes their relationship so much, that the presence of other girls, causes her to become insanely jealous and spiteful.

2 – Silvermist

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Silvermist is one of the main cute fairies in the Disney Fairies series. She is a very skillful water fairy of East Asian origin, also, She is best depicted as sweet, silly, and sympathetic. Silvermist looks at the cheerful side of life and acts as a consequence between Tinker Bell and Iridessa.

3 – Vidia

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Vidia is one of the leading characters of the Disney Fairies series & the main villain of Disney’s 2008 film Tinker Bell. She is a snarky fast-flying fairy who was once Tinker Bell’s rival. After a sequence of adventures collab, however, the two became close friends.

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4 – Iridessa

Iridessa Tinkerbell Characters
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Iridessa is one of the leading personalities in the Disney Fairies franchise, and one of the most skillful fairies ever. She is a light fairy and is the first to talk discomfort about Tinker Bell not liking to accept her job as a tinker. One of the best Tinkerbell Characters of all time. However, She can always remain bright, even in times of worry and peril.

5 – Terence

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Terence is a dust escort sparrow man. He is very friendly & loves to enjoy the moment. Also, He is kind and intelligent and has incredible wisdom of the heart. He seems negligibly more messy and chaotic in the books, having mucky hair and a long jacket with jagged edges.

6 – Periwinkle

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Periwinkle is a Frost-talent fairy who stays in the Winter Woods. She is Tinker Bell’s twin sister, as they were born of the same laugh. She makes her first impression in Secret of the Wings. One of the best Tinkerbell Characters of all time.

7 – Rosetta

Rosetta Tinkerbell Characters
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Rosetta is an adorable and well-mannered garden fairy living in Pixie Hollow. She treasures flowers but hates dirt and mud. She invariably tries to look her best and loves giving magnificence tips and makeovers to her friends.

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8 – Clank

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Clank has a fantastic character and is always ready to help others, although occasionally he just makes topics worse. His best friend is Bobble, a fellow tinker. Clank is a gigantic Tinker-talent sparrow man.

9 – Bobble

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Bobble(real name Phineas T.Kettletree) is a Tinker-talent sparrow man. His best friend is Clank. He adores talking shops and is usually operating on some half-finished fantasy that was presumably a silly idea in the first place. One of the best Tinkerbell Characters of all time. He believes he’s more sophisticated and smarter than the average tinker.

10 – Zarina

Zarina Tinkerbell Characters
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Zarina aka The Pirate Fairy is the famous Tinkerbell character and originally an ex-villain of the Disney Fairies film The Pirate Fairy. Zarina is a nosy and mischievous dust-keeper fairy who is enchanted by blue pixie dust.

11 – Queen Clarion

Queen Clarion
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Queen Clarion aka simply Ree is the beautiful queen of Pixie Hollow. Also, she is the main character of the Tinker Bell film series. She is a loving and approachable individual but can be stern when she has to be.

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12 – Fawn

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Fawn is one of the most talented animal fairies and the main character of the Disney Fairies series. She is the closest to Tinker Bell in character and expresses her desire for her to be happy, which she implies is into tinkering. She is always willing to play, and the more rough-and-tumble the game, the better.

13 – Lord Milori

Lord Milori Tinkerbell Characters
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Lord Milori is the ideological love interest of Queen Clarion, the queen of Pixie Hollow. Also, He is the ruler of the Winter Woods portion of Pixie Hollow, from the Disney Fairies film Secret of the Wings.

14 – Fairy Mary

Fairy Mary
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Fairy Mary is a character from the Disney Fairies films. She is voiced by Jane Horrocks. One of the best Tinkerbell characters of all time.

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15 – Minister of Summer

Minister of Summer
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The Minister of Summer is in the custody of managing the preparations for summer. Also, She is good friends with Fairy Mary. She is short, positive, and optimistic, many fairies adore her. Her laugh can be heard all the way over in the Winter Woods.