12 Biggest Pokemon In The World

Biggest Pokemon In The World
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Do you know guys who are the biggest pokemon in the world? If you do not know? So, In this article, we come up with the list of the world’s biggest pokemon you must know.

Pokemon especially come in all shapes and sizes. When you scroll up the page you will see the smallest to largest pokemon list. These pokemon are so heavy in size and look so dangerous.

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12 Biggest Pokemon In The World

12 – Gyarados – 21 Feet

Gyarados Biggest Pokemon In The World

Dual Water/Flying Pokémon, Gyarados introduced in Generation I. He can Mega Evolve into Mega Gyarados using the Gyaradosite. It is convoluted in shape and wrapped in blue and yellow scales with 21 Feet big.

11 – Giratina – 22 Feet


Dragon-type, Giratina is a giant pokemon with 22 Feet, It has 6 legs, gold protrusions that look like external ribs, and golden funnels on its head. Its neck has 5 red stripes and 4 black stripes.

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10 – Ultra Necrozma – 24 Feet

Ultra Necrozma

Necrozma has large, rock-like arms have three claws jutting out of them, as well as a single large whitish crystal protruding from each hand. Its height is 24 Feet.

9 – Wishiwashi School Form – 26 Feet

Wishiwashi School Form Biggest Pokemon In The World

Wishiwashi can switch forms with its Schooling Ability if it has reached level 20. It emerged in both School and Solo Forms in Big Sky, Small Fry!, which also acted as the debut for the species’ School Form. After evaluation, its height marks 26 Feet.

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8 – Onix – 28 Feet


Onix Height is 28 Feet & Weight is 210 kg, It is known as the Rock Snake Pokémon. Its winding body is made up of enormous gray boulders and small pebbles. It has a long horn atop its head and small eyes.

7 – Celesteela – 30 Feet

Celesteela  Biggest Pokemon In The World

Celesteela introduced in Generation VII. It is one of the two UB-04, the other being Kartana. Celesteela is tall with 30 Feet, relatively cone-shaped, grayish-green Pokémon. It has a long, thin, segmented white neck and a smallish head.

6 – Primal Kyogre – 32 Feet

Primal Kyogre

Kyogre seems to resemble something like a giant, dark blue whale or orca. It has two large fins or “wings”, each ending with four square-shaped “claws.” Its height marks 32 Feet.

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5 – Mega Steelix – 34 Feet

Mega Steelix Biggest Pokemon In The World

Steel/Ground dual-type Pokemon, Mega Steelix evolves from Steelix during the day, while holding a(n) Mist Stone. It evolves from Steelix at night, if holding a(n) Mist Stone with 34 Feet long height.

4 – Mega Rayquaza – 35 Feet

Mega Rayquaza

Mega Rayquaza has 35 Feet in height, It is a member of the Weather Trio, alongside Kyogre and Groudon. Rayquaza is a long green serpentine Pokémon with yellow eyes. It has a pink lining on the mouth.

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3 – Alolan Exeggutor – 35 Feet

Alolan Exeggutor Biggest Pokemon In The World

Dual Grass/Psychic Pokémon, Exeggutor is a tall, bipedal Pokémon that compares to a palm tree. Its body and legs are light browns with delicate black rings and its legs are thick with two-toed feet. After evaluation, Its height marks 35 Feet.

2 – Wailord – 47 Feet


Wailord has 47 feet in Height & 877.4 lbs in weight marks one of the largest Pokémon ever. Wailord is an immense, blue, whale-like Pokémon with small black eyes and a wide mouth filled with baleen-like teeth.

1 – Eternatus – 65 Feet


Eternatus has 65 feet in Height & 2094.4 lbs in weight and marks the number 1 biggest pokemon ever. Eternatus is a gigantic, draconic alien Pokémon. Its body has a vaguely draconic shape and a skinny formation and is mostly dark violet with red highlights.