20 Cute & Sweetest Pokemon Ever

Cutest Pokemon
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Today we are going to tell you about the 20 sweetest and cute Pokemon ever. Pokemon is a huge franchise and has a huge fan following around the globe.

Many Pokemon are just loved and known for just their cuteness. They are so cute that you would absolutely wanna make them your own. Also to decide the sweetest and cutest Pokemon was a very difficult task, as most of them are cute. Due to which it was difficult to set the list.

But finally found the cute Pokemon and comprised it into a list of top 20.

So, here comes the list of the top 20 sweetest and cutest Pokemon ever.

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20. Drifloon


You may think what a weird person I am but, I actually think drifloon is very cute. It might be because of its simplicity. It is a sweet little balloon thing with an adorable thigh.

19. Vulpix


Won’t you feel like petting this adorable Pokémon? It is a very hot fox with very good looks. It is very adorable and the Sweetest Pokemon ever.

18. Cherubi


I don’t think so anyone needs to get convinced after looking at this adorable cherry-like thing. It is so cute I can eat it up.

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17. Shinx


It is a Pokemon beloved by the world. Also, a lot of that comes from its final evolution Luxray being such an awesome Pokemon to behold than a great addition to any Sinnoh adventure. But we can’t ignore the fact that Shinx itself is very cute and an adorable thing.

16. Wooper


Despite its tiny size, it has one of the most expressive faces in the Pokemon World. Also, you don’t know what goes behind the eyes of the Wooper. The marking on its belly kinda looks like a wifi symbol which makes me want it more.

15. Inkay

Cutest Pokemon Inkay

I’ve loved Inkay ever since I first saw it. Its cute eyes and its little body is what caught my eyes. It is very adorable and the Sweetest Pokemon ever.

14. Stufful

Cutest Pokemon Stufful

It is totally based on a stuffed toy. So, how can it not be an adorable baby? It is so cute that you wanna just hold it tight to your heart. It is a cuteness overload.

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13. Wigglytuff


Wigglytuff got an adorable face with those cute massive anime eyes. It’s very soft and squishy looking. Also got those fluffy long rabbit ears. All these things just make a Pokemon look that oozes warmth and fuzziness.

12. Furret


It’s a very cute adorable little thing. For me, it is the most cutest pokemon I have ever come across. It is very adorable and the Sweetest Pokemon ever.

11. Eevee


All of its evolution and its base form everything is cute. Nothing is flawless about Eevee. It is one of the most cutest things in the Pokemon universe.

10. Pichu

Cutest Pokemon Pichu

When Pokemon Gold & Silver came out they introduced to the Pokemon Universe a new mechanic. That was of course Breeding and alongside these new mechanics, there were loads of baby pokemon. Most of which were pre-evolutions-already existing Pokemon from the first generation and of course among them was Pichu. Cause Pichu shocking itself is always adorable.

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9. Cubone

Cutest Pokemon Cubone

Cubone may not have the look of a stereotypical cute Pokemon. But actually, it looks pretty tough but that’s only because he hides behind a wall of sadness from its tragic story. As many of you may know that when a Cubone is born its mother dies and it wears its mother’s skull to remember her.

8. Spoink

Cutest Pokemon Spoink

If you take a look at Spoink, he is literally adorable. However, much like our previous two pokemon Spoink also meets with his tragic life as the tail like spring you see, is what keeps their heartbeat stable by bouncing. But, if it stops, they die.

7. Litwick

Cutest Pokemon Litwick

I’m sure you’ve all seen the cute little candle Pokemon which almost resembles a puffy little marshmallow. It is so cute. But there is something about Litwick, you probably didn’t know that Litwick is a Pokemon government spy maybe not but still cute.

6. Emolga


When I first played Pokemon B&W, I saw Emolga in-game and just didn’t think it was anything special. It just looks like white and black typical obligatory cute electric Pokemon. Then I saw it in the anime, and I just fell in love with the Pokemon.

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5. Azurill


Azurill is a generation 3 Pokemon who comes from a generation 2 Pokemon. It is blue fluffy and lovely. How is it that someone can’t love the cute face of Azurill?

4. Teddiursa


I may be a bit biased on this one because it is a very cute bear who loves honey. And I happen to be a huge Winnie The Pooh fan. But when it evolves it turns itself into some kind of demented Yogi Bear.

3. Skitty

It may be a controversial pick as there are many cat Pokemon’s. Also, many of them are jaw-dropping cute and everyone has their fav too. This Pokemon is also known for just how adorably cute it is. Also, its favorite pastime is to chase after its own tail, till it gets dizzy. Ain’t it cute.

2. Togepi


All the Pokémon fans out there and especially those who have watched anime will not be surprised. The thing is just too adorable and really a valuable part of Ash’s team. It may have got itself in trouble but it also saved Ash and others from trouble too with its psychic powers.

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1. Cubchoo


Even though it has a giant snot hanging around from its nose, it is still cute and very adorable. But the only downside is it kind of into a bizarre evil-looking creature(it’s not evil, just its look).