70 Most Common Indian Names That Everyone Relates

Common Indian Names
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Do you want to know the common Indian names? No need to go anywhere. Because here we are presenting the 70 Most Common Indian names. A name generally used to address or identify you. Names are unique that define you and your personality. Mostly, they have specific meanings. There are various people having the same name as yours. But you will be distinguished by your last name, your identity, locality, etc.

In today’s post, we are talking about common names. As you want to know the names, we have prepared a list of Indian names that are common for males and females as well. Let’s check them out.

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Most Common Indian Names Male:

Firstly, we are going to consider the Common names for Males. These are the most common names compared to others. We have included thirty-five names in the list. Let’s check them out.

  1. Anil
  2. Shiv
  3. Raju
  4. Manoj
  5. Ram
  6. Ashok
  7. Suresh
  8. Vijay
  9. Rajendra
  10. Mohan
  11. Rahul
  12. Ramesh
  13. Aakash
  14. Dilip
  15. Subhash
  16. Vinod
  17. Ganesh
  18. Deepak
  19. Ajit
  20. Sachin
  21. Virendra
  22. Sandeep
  23. Rohit
  24. Suraj
  25. Om
  26. Govind
  27. Prakash
  28. Bharat
  29. Anand
  30. Laxman
  31. Kamal
  32. Madan
  33. Naresh
  34. Chandan
  35. Pradeep

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Most Common Names Female:

After discussing Male names, we are presenting the most common Female Indian names. Here also we have included thirty-five names that are common as female names.

  1. Anita
  2. Shruti
  3. Gita
  4. Aditi
  5. Supriya
  6. Lakshmi
  7. Rekha
  8. Usha
  9. Manju
  10. Krishna
  11. Sushila
  12. Mamta
  13. Jyoti
  14. Rani
  15. Archana
  16. Kusum
  17. Sangeeta
  18. Durga
  19. Babita
  20. Manisha
  21. Parvati
  22. Lalita
  23. Renu
  24. Pushpa
  25. Gayatri
  26. Basanti
  27. Kamla
  28. Swati
  29. Pinki
  30. Shakuntala
  31. Padma
  32. Saraswati
  33. Isha
  34. Savita
  35. Seema

That’s the list of the most common names you wanted to know. Hope this article was helpful to you. If yes, then like and share it. And most importantly, stay tuned to get more exciting posts.