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50 Most Funny & Hilarious Indian Names

Funny Indian names

A name is used to recognize a person. But parents typically put a lot of thought into the names they want to give their new baby, but occasionally they make some strange choices that leave their children baffled. So, we are here with some funny Indian names which you may find very hilarious.

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It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes a name amusing. Some names are simply obnoxious or unsuitable. Some names are amusing because they include terms that aren’t normally used as names, such as premium brands names or commonly available objects. Others make hilarious use of puns or smart wordplay!

Let this list be your guide to the funniest names out there, whether you use it to delight your friends or as a suggestion for what not to call your future kid.

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So when you scroll up the page you will all up for some laugh, here is the list of the 50 most funny Indian names that really bring a smile on your face.

  1. Gajodhar Singh Cool
  2. Mowgli Sharma
  3. Kanta Bai
  4. Kircket
  5. Boobisha Chodhankar
  6. Pornika sarkar
  7. Radium singh
  8. Sixer
  9. Unique jain
  10. Deep pant
  11. Valentine mirchi
  12. Babban Kumar
  13. Indira kant Singh
  14. Dollar patel
  15. Space Gupta
  16. Kissy ragani
  17. Knowledge Kumar
  18. Virgin debbarma
  19. Jockey garg
  20. Arpit bomb
  21. Skylab singh
  22. Alpha (her mother is a physics teacher)
  23. Gossipy sharma
  24. Jesus Gupta
  25. Tikka Singh
  26. Election reddy
  27. Challenger mishra
  28. Register kumar
  29. Beauty kumar
  30. Nymphaea rajput
  31. Gas raj
  32. Diamond sharma
  33. Yogesh Boob
  34. Lakhan Chutia
  35. Murugan Cholera
  36. Subhash Muthre
  37. Prakash Lutre
  38. Soumya Bum
  39. Ravi Kha
  40. Pechkas Kumar
  41. Chamar
  42. Macha
  43. Chunkz
  44. Sameer Fuddi
  45. Banchoddas Chanchad
  46. Khamba Khali
  47. Gamla Mal Bansal
  48. Phool Singh
  49. Khooni Pyare
  50. Lalu Prasad

This was the list of 50 funny Indian names.