15 Famous Hispanic Singers You Must Know

Famous Hispanic Singers
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Hello folks, hope you all are doing great. Today’s article is about the popular Hispanic singers of all time that we all must know. 

Hispanic music is a form of Latin music. At present, it’s righteous to mention that Hispanic singers are an absolutely integral part of giving shape to the entertainment music industry. Don’t you feel that too? In case not, then keep reading this article. 

Hispanic singers are known for creating melodious music for several great years. And in case you might think that their music is only popular in their localities, then let me clear it to you it’s absolutely not like that. Not just in their localities, Hispanic singers are popular worldwide. These Hispanic singers have a great fan following. 

In addition to this, naming a few Hispanic singers who have done a tremendous job in order to take this Hispanic music to heights, those Hispanic singers are Ricky Martin, Selena, and Enrique Iglesias. However, we will discuss each of them in a little detail below. 

Hence, without any further delay how about diving straight into the list of these Hispanic singers? 

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List of Hispanic singers: 

1- Ricky Martin

Martin is a famous Hispanic singer, who started his musical career as a solo artist in 1990. He has some Corsican ancestry and Catalan ancestry. 

Later he got nominated as one of the 50 most beautiful people in the world by People magazine. Following 1995, his third album named A Medio Vivir was released which became a super duper hit. It is righteous to mention that he is a worldwide pop music sensation. 

Talking about the late 20th and early 21st century, he gave an immense contribution to popularising Latin American music and culture in the United States. 

A list of his amazing hits includes, 

  • La copa da la vida 
  • La mordidita
  • Vente pa’ ca 
  • Livin’ La Vida Loca 

2- Selena Gomez

She is often referred to as a “queen of Tejano”. In the whole United States, she is known for rising Latin music and introducing new elements to it. 

Following the year 1994, she released one of her albums named “Selena live”, this got viral, it also helped her in winning the Grammy award, making her the first-ever Tejano artist to win that Grammy award. 

She has sold 70 million records worldwide, won 36 Tejano music awards, and a lot more. 

A list of her big hits includes, 

  • Como La Flor
  • Amor prohibido 
  • Si una vez 

3- Enrique Iglesias

He is the king of Latin pop music. He is a singer, songwriter, and record producer. In addition to this, he is an actor as well. Apart from this, he started his career in the mid-1990s. Later, he became one of the biggest stars in Latin America. 

However, his father was also a Spanish singer. Enrique was very dedicated to his passion to sing, he never wanted his surname to help him in gaining popularity worldwide. 

Hence, whatever he has achieved till now, he has done all by himself. 

The list of his popular hits includes, 

  • Not in love 
  • Away
  • Takin’ Back my love 
  • Could I have this kiss forever

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4- Shakira

She is goddamn pretty. She is known to be the queen of Latin music and someone who is indeed the most recognizable face of Latin music around the globe. 

In addition to this, she has sold over 80 million records in her music career till now. Not just that, she is a wonderful humanitarian as well. She donated over $100,000 to a foundation named pies Descalzos. This foundation helps Colombian kids in their better education. 

Talking about which song helped her in gaining international recognition, it’s “whenever, wherever” and “underneath your clothes”. 

The list of her big hits includes, 

  • Hips don’t lie 
  • Gypsy 
  • Whenever, wherever 
  • Waka waka 

5- Gloria Estefan

She has given her all to making Latin music popular globally. Gloria glorifies the beauty of Spanish singing. 

Till yet, she has recorded around 14 studio albums with her songs, and out of these albums many singles have gained the 1st position in the world charts. 

When she was young, she had little social life. Moving on, she had her responsibilities to fulfill, and she needed money for that, as a result, she turned out to be an astonishing Spanish singer. 

The list of her big hits includes 

  • Here we are
  • Words get in the way
  • Go away
  • Don’t wanna lose you
  • Can’t stay away from you

6- Celia Cruz

Who doesn’t know that she is none other than the queen of salsa? She performed across the entire of Latin America. 

She developed her interest in music from a very early age. Moving on, Cruz started her musical career singing for school productions and community gatherings. 

Later, she became a sensation for radio fame, several successful musicians and producers came across her talented skills, and then her career took heights. 

The list of her big hits includes,

  • Oriza Eh
  • Quimbara 
  • Toro Mata 

7- Marc Anthony 

He is a singer-songwriter, actor, and a great producer. Anthony is the winner of 2 Grammy awards and 3 Latin Grammy awards. 

However, till yet, he has sold over 12 million copies of his records worldwide. He often mentions that his father is the sole primary reason why he started making music. 

His father was his biggest inspiration who taught him how one should follow and love music. He has a net worth of more than $80 million. 

The list of his big hits includes, 

  • Vivir Vi Vida
  • Flor Palida 
  • Tu Amor Me Hace Bien 

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8- Vicente Fernández

In the world of music, he has been recognized and honored for his accomplishments. Furthermore, In the history of American pop music, he has done tremendous work as an artist. In addition to this, he has won several awards including, Grammys and premix lo Nuestro awards. 

However, for around 40 years, he has maintained his huge fan following as a phenomenal Spanish singer. 

The list of his bigger hits includes, 

  • Las Mananitas
  • Por Tu Maldito Amor 
  • Aca Entre Nos 

9- Jennifer Lopez

Who doesn’t know Jennifer Lopez? We all are either familiar with her music, films, or her iconic Super Bowl performance with Shakira. 

However, In the early ’90s, she worked as one of the backup dancers. With all that hard work, she succeeded in her life. 

Talking about how she developed her interest In music she says, though I was lip-syncing in the film, filming those scenes reminded me of ‘how much I missed singing and dancing’.

Later on, her career as a Spanish singer took heights and brought her success and fame. 

The list of her bigger hits includes, 

  • On the floor
  • Ain’t your mama 
  • Let’s get loud 
  • Love don’t cost a thing

10- Placido Domingo

Placido is a Spanish opera singer, conductor, and arts administrator.

He has recorded over a hundred complete operas and he is well known for his versatility, regularly performing in Italian, French, German, Spanish, English, and Russian music in the most prestigious opera houses in the world. 

Throughout his musical career, he worked as a versatile performer, making numerous recordings. Overall he has seen a successful musical career.

11- Julio Iglesias

Let me tell you he is the most celebrated artist around the globe, especially when it comes to Spanish music. Julio is a songwriter, and a former professional footballer as well. 

He has sold over 100 million records worldwide in more than 14 languages. 

In addition to this, he also has received numerous music industry awards in his career. Later, he won the Benidorm international song festival, also received two historic awards, and he also has a very expensive home in Miami. 

The list of his bigger hits includes, 

  • Hey – Spanish 
  • To all the girls I’ve loved before 
  • De Nina a Mujer 
  • Con la misma piedra 

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12- Marta Sanchez

She is originally from Spain. However, she has sold in excess of a million albums. Marta is a wonderful performer and a guitarist. 

Talking about her family, her father was an Asturian opera singer. Her musical career began with a band named, Cristal oskuro. She has a net worth of $30 million. Although, she is often referred to as the queen of Spanish pop music. 

The list of her bigger hits includes, 

  • Desesperada
  • Dime la verdad 
  • Arena y sol 
  • De mujer a mujer 

13- Luis Miguel

His net worth is around $180 million. Well, he is an international star, someone who is loved for his phenomenal hits albums and breathtaking live performances. 

Moving on, he began his career in music at a very young age, 11. In addition to this, he was not 14 when he received his first musical award. Following the year 2000, he won two Grammy awards. 

Later, he performed as a great actor as well, and he is very private about his personal life, rarely giving interviews, or attending award ceremonies. 

The list of his bigger hits includes, 

  • Ahora Te Puedes Marchar 
  • La incondicional 
  • Santa Claus Llego a la ciudad 
  • Hasta que me olvides 

14- Juanes

Juanes is a guitarist, musician, record producer, songwriter, audio engineer, bassist, and multi-instrumentalist. He has a net worth of $9 million. 

In addition to this, he is an activist as well. He gained international recognition in the early 21st century for his romantic songs. 

From a young age, he developed an interest in learning music and musical instruments. He won 3 Latin Grammy Awards, he represented the actual concerns of his native country through his music. 

The list of his popular hits includes, 

  • Besos en guerra 
  • La camisa Negra 
  • Es por ti 
  • 506 

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15- Luis Fonsi

Have you heard of the song Despacito? It’s a world-famous Spanish song. 

Well, no one can resist dancing to this particular song. He is a songwriter and an actor as well. 

In addition to this, his album named, Amor Secreto peaked at number 1 on billboard’s top Latin albums. 

The list of his popular hits includes, 

  • Despacito 
  • Echame la culpa 
  • Impossible 
  • Tanto