20 Most Famous Violin Players Of All Time

Violin Players
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Hello readers! Are you also fond of the violin? Do you know about the world’s best-known violin players? If not, then this article is all for you and for all musical freaks. 

Yes! Today we will talk about violin players. As we all know that violin is the most popular instrument in the world, along with this it is also one of the hardest musical instruments to lay your hands on. Violin and violin players are generally associated with classical forms of music.

Those who love and know rock & country music will best understand the importance of violin and violin players. 

If you hear these Violin players, they will surely touch your heart and soul. Why? Because the violin is very expressive, unlike other instruments it’s not at all harsh on your ears, it’s pure nectar to your ears. 

Hence, this article comprises a list of 20 such famous violin players around the world that will make your day. Therefore, without any further ado, I will take you through the list of these violin players. 

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1- Joshua Bell

Have you seen Joshua Bell’s Washington D.C. metro performance? There he gave a memorable performance, which is bound to draw applause. 

However, I find him pretty real, he has a great persona, and his iconic mass of hair makes him look great whilst he performs. Undoubtedly, he is a wonderful superstar. 

2- Nicola Benedetti

Nicola Benedetti is a woman with a great spirit. Nowadays, she is one of the finest young violinists in demand. 

You wouldn’t believe she was just four when she started playing the violin. And when she turned eight she started to lead the band, don’t you find that unbelievable? Well, I do! 

As soon as she turned 15, she became a seasoned performer. In addition to this, let’s add some of her achievements as well, She was awarded an honorary doctor of letters by Glasgow Caledonian university in 2007. 

3- George Augustus Polgreen Bridgetower

Apart from being a successful violinist, George Bridgetower is a wonderful composer as well. Speaking of his early life he was born in Poland and lived in England for most of his life. 

He was extremely passionate about playing the violin. People noticed and appreciated him for all his talent, and later he mastered his skill. He died in the 1860s, still, you can find a number of his videos of his performance on youtube. 

4- Arcangelo Corelli

Arcangelo Corelli(The legend) was a violinist of the baroque era. He died on 8 January 1713, nevertheless, as he was a legend hence it’s next to impossible to forget him as the greatest violinist of all time. 

In addition to this, people appreciate him for his contribution to the development of the violin style and for his sonatas, which helped in establishing the concerto grosso as a wonderful medium of composition. 

5- George Enescu 

George Enescu was a Romanian violinist who died on May 4, 1955. Although he was a wonderful composer as well. 

If you hear his eclectic composition, I can tell you with the assurance that you will end up falling in love with him once again. When he started his career as a violinist, he globally became famous for his interpretations of Bach. 

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6- Joseph Joachim

This phenomenal violinist died on 15 August 1907. Let me tell you why he was so popular, it is because he has done his master’s in learning techniques and interpretations of how Bach can be improved along with improving Mozart and Beethoven. From a very early age, he started developing his interest in learning the violin. 

7- Midori 

Her full name is Midori Goto, she is a Japanese who later moved to America and became a violinist. She started playing violin at a young age and made her first debut when she turned 11only. Isn’t that bound to draw applause? 

It can be concluded that she is one of the world’s most prominent violinists as an adult sure, many of us should take a bundle of inspiration from her. 

8- Hilary Hahn 

Hilary Hahn is an American violinist who looks adorable whilst playing the violin. The great part about her being a violinist, she is a solo artist. 

Yes! Someone who performs as a soloist with leading orchestras and conductors. In addition to this, she is extremely fond of classical music and tries her best in making the young audience fall in love with that as well. 

9- Jascha Heifetz

Jascha Heifetz is a very well-known Russian American violinist. As a teenager, he decided to move to the United States. He died on 10 December 1987. 

Heifetz is primarily known for his easy or smooth tone, great musical interpretation, and his advancement in technical proficiency. So basically he was a paragon of being a perfectionist. 

10- Jannie Jansen 

Jannie Jansen has profoundly worked with the world’s leading orchestras and conductors. She records exclusively for Decca classics. One of the wonderful attributes of her being a violinist is that she is able to showcase the unique qualities of each violin. 

11- Fritz Kreisler 

Fritz was a violinist who died on 29 January 1962. However, speaking of his style of playing violin, his playing is noted for its sweet tone and superbly expressive phrasing. 

12- Gidon Kramer 

Gidon Kramer is a Latvian classical violinist who is an artistic director. In addition to this, he is a founder of Kremerata Baltica. He has been nominated and awarded for several of his artistic works. 

The trait of being a violinist is inherited from his father and grandfather who was a well-known violinist in Riga. Speaking of Gidon, he started playing the violin when he was only four. Moreover, Kremer is the author of four books on music, including Fragments of Childhood (Kindheitsplitter) and Letters to a Young Pianist (2013).

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13- Yehudi Menuhin

Yehudi Menuhin, the gentleman is one of the leading violin virtuosos of the 20th century. He was only four when he began learning violin. However, when he turned 7, he gave his first performance as a professional violinist which eventually ended up creating a sensation around the globe. In addition to this, During World War II Menuhin performed some 500 concerts for Allied troops. 

14- Victoria Mullova

Victoria Mullova is a wonderful woman whose remarkable skill grasped international attention when she won first prize at the 1980 International Jean Sibelius Violin Competition. 

In addition to this, she also won a Gold Medal at the International Tchaikovsky Competition in 1982. Furthermore, Viktoria Mullova has come up with most of the world’s greatest orchestras and conductors at significant international festivals.

15- Anne – Sophie Mutter 

Anne – Sophie Mutter is a German violinist. No one in her family was into music, nevertheless, they all were fond of classical music. Anne developed her interest in playing violin when she turned six. Later, Mutter won several National Music Awards. 

She has performed as a prominent soloist with numerous leading orchestras worldwide. Speaking of Critics, they praised the level of maturity in Mutter’s performance every time she came up on stage. 

16- Ginette Neveu 

Ginette Neveu was a French classical violinist. Unfortunately, She was killed in a plane crash at the age of 30. By the time she died undoubtedly she was a still-rising star. 

Furthermore, Upon her death, the music world reacted with grief-stricken testimonials and a lot more to show respect toward the artist. It’s righteous to mention that she had lived a short but musically rich life. 

She was a charismatic performer. However, she left behind only a few recordings for us. 

17- David Oistrakh 

David Oistrakh was a soviet violinist who was fond of giving classical touch to his musical style. This eventually made him a classical violinist, violinist, and conductor. 

Unfortunately, he died on 24 October 1974. He was known for giving ultimate performances using exceptional techniques and tone production that can make you go crazy about him. 

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18- Niccolo Paganini

Niccolo Paganini was an Italian violinist who died on 27th May 1840. Undoubtedly, he was the most known and always in-demand violinist of his time. He set his own benchmark so high that it took years for others to play the violin like him. His best work was 24 capriccio for solo violin. 

19- Itzhak Perlman

If you see him smiling whilst playing violin, you will end up falling in love with him for sure. He was too young, only 3 when he started developing an immense interest in learning violin. 

Somehow he got polio and this resulted in making him unable to walk. Later, as soon as he recovered, he again practiced and mastered the violin. Hence, where there is a will, there is a way. 

20- Pablo de Sarasate 

Pablo de Sarasate was a Spanish violinist and composer who died on Sept 20, 1908. However, in the year 1859, he started doing musical concerts around the world which eventually helped him in becoming known to the world. 

His skills were praised so much because of the sweetness and purity of tone. Along with this his perfect intonation and some other flawless techniques work best to make us go crazy beyond imagination. 

Hope you like our picks guys.