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Female Singers Who Can Dance
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Here we go guys, In this article, we will be looking for the most popular & famous female Singers who can dance. Our lists include Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, TLC, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Shakira and more!

So when you scroll up the page you will see the most notable famous women who might be known for their voices but have some pretty impressive moves as well.

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17 Glamorous Female Singers Who Can Dance

1 – Jennifer Lopez

Until/Unless you are a true fan of pop culture you may not have known that JLo was a soar girl on the 90s comedy succession, then just a girl from the Bronx jenny from the block was blissfully clueless.

Nowadays we know the Jlo is the icon and while her conspicuous talent took her to films her entire persona transformed once she became a legit pop star and ushered in a new era of dance music. She is one of the defining female figures of 21st-century r&b dance.

2 – Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson inspired a rhythm nation in a time when her brother Michael was the most remembered face in the world. Janet went onwards and affirmed herself as one of the most influential artists of the 80s. From 1989’s rhythm nation to the influential follow-up titled Janet from 1993, each production was highly anticipated not just for the music but for how Janet expressed herself on stage.

Like MJ she broke walls and exalted the craft with both MTV and world tour stages as her platforms. Her estate is unmatched by any other female artist and her music will continue to grace the ears of dancers around the world for years to come. One of the most popular Female Singers Who Can Dance.

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3 – Beyoncé Knowles

She is one of the most popular musical icons that emerged in the late ’90s, this influential artist first twisted heads as a member of destiny’s child. Beyonce made her mark years before she tackled off on her own, however, it was in the 2000s when she truly elevated from the star to pop culture icon.

Mostly due to her passionate live performances the meticulously choreographed music videos such as single ladies and love on top.

4 – Shakira

She is already a Colombian star when she crossed over us. Shakira revealed to the world that Latin America is a rich region with cultural styles differing from country to country gifted with a fascinating yet. Sweet presence Shakira’s dance styles are fierce to the essence as she may contort her body with amazing flexibility and you know her hips just don’t lie.

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5 – Britney Spears

While she may not have the same dancer to pop star pedigree as Jlo the princess of pop did beat her to the punch career-wise dropping her debut album five months before Lopez’s first album release given the demographic of Britney Spears fans and the singer’s obvious sex appeal her landmark MTC performances were destined to go viral before viral was a thing whether it was the pre-youtube video for toxic or even some of her most recent production Britney’s choreography has routinely influenced the American youth and with the rise of social media and accessibility to music videos her legacy only continues to grow.

6 – Madonna

With a resume dating back to the 80s, it is only that some of Madonna’s early dance routines seem well-dated by today’s standards but she is long influenced by how we moved as a collective society. For the landmark video, Madonna took a little-known concept and brought it to the world through her own iconic production.

She may not have the moves of Shakira but Madonna’s routines have always played an integral role in pop culture dialogue. Celebrating dancing itself while challenging how we think about the art as a whole.

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7 – Paula Abdul

Once a beloved pop star and always a fan favourite American Idol judge, she developed her skills first as a laker girl and later as the crew’s head choreographer inspired by singing in the rain she displayed some of that old school tradition in her early routines and it was the Jackson family that actually took note of her choreography skills and hooked her up with Janet. She is played an instrumental role in modern choreography. One of the most popular Female Singers Who Can Dance.

8 – Lady Gaga

With a performance background in both theatre and NYU’s Tisch School of the arts, this girl was groomed to kill it on stage even so Lady Gaga’s concert moves are not always technical and calculating as she is been known to wing it and lose herself in freestyle routines. With all the bravado that comes along with the Gaga persona she is perfectly capable of not just producing club bangers but seriously operating on a high level alongside those who dance only for living applause born this way Edge of glory Gaga’s got that Rhythm.

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9 – Ciara

In the world of dance, Ciara is a powerhouse and many of her music videos put her exceptional talents front and center. She started out as a cheerleader the star further developed her performance skills in the short-lived girl group hearsay before going solo. She has continued to set new ground empowering herself and others ever since. Ciara continuously finds new ways to level up.

10 – Aaliyah

During her short time in the limelight, Aliyah revolutionized the commercial dance world with her unique approach drawing on her performing arts background and utilizing the natural flair she was always undeniably herself. No one could match her signature style. She moved with grace and elegance while hitting every motion with power and intent. Her music videos broke ground too and earned her critical acclaim.

11 – Nicole Scherzinger

We probably know her as the frontwoman of the Burlesque pop group The Pussycat Dolls But did you know that Nicole Scherzinger was performing way ahead of her button days indeed, she could be found treading the boards as a teen long before she started strutting toward the camera.

After leaving the failed girl group Eden’s Crush she auditioned for choreographer Robin Anton The rest, as they say, is history Led by Scherzinger The Dolls soon became a symbol of female empowerment. Their moves were considered highly sexualized but they also showed people how to feel confident and powerful in their own skin.

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12 – Tinashe

When Tinashe danced her way onto the scene her moves had us just as entranced as her voice. She makes even the most complex choreography seem effortless and looks cool doing it. You can always tell that she is dancing from the heart.

Tinashe started taking dance classes when she was just 4 years old and they certainly paid off. In addition to her music career, she has also flexed her skills on dancing with the stars and Mimi Marquez in ret live. One of the most popular Female Singers Who Can Dance.

13 – PINK

Whenever pink gets on stage you know that you’re about to witness something epic that’s partly because she trained as a competitive gymnast when she was a kid. She cleverly uses her physical prowess and creativity to produce countless jaw-dropping performances.

In fact, we imagine that audiences have come to expect her signature aerial choreography. Nevertheless, she always finds new ways to leave us in awe. The music video is trying is a stunning example of how she combines contemporary dance with gravity-defying acrobatics.

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14 – Selena

Selena didn’t have any formal training rather the Mex-American superstar took it upon herself to watch other dancers and learn from them. She even reportedly watched soul train as part of her research well whatever she did work. Selena became almost as famous for her moves as she was for her voice watching her perform it’s easy to understand why.

She would let the music sway her often improvising her choreography at the moment there was something about her free-spirited vibes that her fans adored and remember fondly to this day. One of the most popular Female Singers Who Can Dance.

15 – Tina Turner

Tina Turner is an American-born Swiss singer and actress. She with a career spanning several decades the queen of rock and roll has certainly rocked every stage on which she’s appeared she is in a league of her own with an immaculate presence that leaves her fans exhilarated in wanting more. Her energy stamina and killer dance move always grab our attention.

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16 – Normani

Normani once told to New York Times that the first thing she ever felt passionate about was dance and whether it’s competing on dancing with the stars or releasing music videos with outstanding choreography that love shines through in everything she does.

She also shared her platform with other dancers and isn’t afraid to get involved in the creative process. Of course, before going solo Normani was one-fifth of the fifth harmony. One of the most popular Female Singers Who Can Dance.

17 – Doja Cat

Doja found herself drawn to dance from a young age. She even studied Bharatnatyam a traditional Indian dance later on she began to break dancing and joined a popping troupe. Nowadays fans get to enjoy Doja Cat’s amazing moves as they listen to her catchy songs.

Her inspired medleys at award shows are just some examples of her dance skill. The artist’s music has inspired others to get on their feet too. Her song candy dominated TikTok in a 2019 dance challenge.