10 Best Free Music Podcasts for Music Lovers on Spotify

podcast for music lovers

In this article, we are presenting you the Best Free Music Podcasts for Music Lovers on Spotify. Podcasts are rising drastically nowadays because people are taking interest in other people’s opinions and perspectives towards topics. As the title suggests, we are going to discuss Music Podcasts and which Music Podcasts a Music lover should listen to!

We will list the 10 best music podcasts for music lovers. But before that let us know more about Music Podcasts and why should you listen to them! Podcasts, in general, reveal a lot of different perspectives in front of listeners and you will become more imaginative while listening to them.

Music Podcasts can teach you and tell you a lot of interesting things. In many podcasts, you will get to find the actual nature of your favorite artists and their approach towards life and Music. The best thing about Podcasts is that you can listen to them while chilling, you don’t have a video to focus on until it’s on YouTube but even YouTube creators uploads an audio version of their Podcasts on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, etc.

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So, you might be wondering what kind of Podcasts we have listed? Well, If you are already a regular Podcast listener then you will recognize many of these Podcasts because they are pretty popular. They are popular because they are good. This list is not limited to any particular genre of music or a particular category of Podcasts.

There are Podcasts about interviews of your favorite artists, the story of some legendry artists, Rap Music, Roast of songs, story behind the hit songs, breakdown of hit songs, etc. We made sure to filter out the most entertaining and knowledgeable podcasts. Let’s get to the list we prepared!


The Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur are considered the greatest of all time in Gangster Rap. Every single rapper knows them and respects their contribution to Rap.

This specific season of Slow Burn pays tribute to these great artists. They discussed the journey of these artists and how their friendship turned into rivalry and how they both passed away in shooting tragedies!

Christopher Wallace AKA Notorious B.I.G was a NewYork based rapper repping East Coast Rap scene while Tupac Shakur was repping the West Coast. Their beef is considered the deadliest beef in the history of rap as because of that beef we lost the two GOAT Rappers. There are 8 episodes to this Podcast.

Its central mission is still the untangling of history, and more specifically the separation of fact from the dominant narrative. The dominant narrative, in this case, is the East Coast vs. West Coast rap feud, which has become the baseline cultural explanation for why Tupac and Biggie were both murdered.

The intensity you will feel while listening to this podcast is great! The hosts covered all the things and topics we need to learn. One should really listen to this Podcast if they want to learn about one of the best artists and one of the peak tragic events in the history of Hip-Hop.

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Disgraceland is a podcast about crime and musicians. It is about musicians who got away with murders and different kinds of crimes. You will find interesting murder mysteries and things related to the deaths of great musical artists or them killing someone.

The intense background music and the narration of the host will take you deeper into this podcast. They present it so nicely and it’s almost addictive if you focus on it. Murder, Suicide, Drug abuse, Religious cult, and many more kind of illegal things, this podcast consists of every dark thing. They have covered musicians like Tupac, Biggie, Cardi B, Xxxtentacion etc many more artists you love.

This is a scripted storytelling Podcast where the stories are based on real incidents. This podcast is definitely not to harm anyone’s sentiments, everything in this is just for entertainment. Even many dialogue and scenes are overexaggerated to make it more dramatic.

This podcast will take you on a thrilling storytelling experience with great music, true stories, and awesome narration! One of the

This podcast will take you on a thrilling storytelling experience with great music, true stories, and awesome narration! One of the Best Free Music Podcasts for Music Lovers on Spotify.


Rap Radar is the home of Hip-Hop artists Interviews. Wilson and Miller are the two journalists who host the podcast and they know their job perfectly. They always know what the audience wants to know about their favorite artists.

You will get to know your artists more openly in this podcast. The conversations are mostly chill and fun in this Podcast but it will help you know a lot about the perspectives of your favorite rappers and their point of view on some particular topics.

The concept of this podcast is pretty simple, they just invite Rappers and Hip-Hop artists and then interview them about their life, songs, and stuff. Many popular rappers like Drake have made their surprise appearance in this podcast too. This is something you can listen to while working on something or chilling. And the intro of this podcast is pretty sick too. Check it out, the link is below!

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The tagline of this podcast tells a lot about it “Do you have the strength to learn how your favorite band sucks?”. Don’t worry that is their tagline, we are not here to make fun of any band but they are! The hosts’ Mark and Tyler roast your favorite bands and they really fo hard with it!

They call themselves the bravest podcast ever and most probably they are They make fun of their songs, personality, and everything related to them. Obviously, it’s not serious hate or something, they do it for fun and make such episodes at the request of their subscribers. So, you just have to get along and laugh.

The concept they follow is, they pick some songs or any old clip of your favorite band and then find fault in them and try to make it funny. The humor of Mark and Tyler is pretty edgy and you might like it but if you don’t like it then we still got plenty of Podcasts left on the list.


The host’s Todd Nathanson and Dany Roth really came up with something simple and interesting. They put two similar songs of the same era together and compare them with each other and judge which one is better! They compare a lot of features of the songs and discuss them. Listening to this podcast will give you more knowledge about Music.

You will get to know background stories of music, interesting facts about your favorite songs, Controversies related to the song or the artist because of the song, Sellings and shows of the songs, the production quality of the song and most importantly you will find new tracks of the genre you like to listen to.

This podcast will teach you things about the business side of music too which is pretty important to know, for musicians especially. After knowing the business side of songs, you will get to know your artists better about what they usually do for their music business.

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In-depth discussions about the latest trends in music are available on this podcast. Pop music critic Jon Caramanica hosts this Podcast. The concept is simple, Jon brings new guests and new trending topics on his Podcasts. He discusses them briefly with the guests and always brings interesting topics and his way of discussing them is pretty interesting too.

He covers all the Pop culture and you will get to know more about the Pop music culture. This Podcast is presented by New York Times and it covers all the latest news and trend about popular music. The length of these episodes really varies a lot but they are really chill and you don’t have to brainstorm to understand the discussions. Well, many of you might be waiting for any EDM Podcast on the list. One of the Best Free Music Podcasts for Music Lovers on Spotify. The next one is for the EDM lovers!


This Podcast is for both music listeners and musicians or someone related to Music Business. Rave Culture Podcast brings you the latest EDM news, trends, EDM festival-related content, and amazing guests too! The artists and music business owners share their stories and advice related to music which is entertaining and a good source of learning too.

They have a really wide variety of content, they have discussed the Music business, the pros and cons of live stream festivals, mental health and many other topics. The artists really speak openly and don’t shy from the questions. One of the Best Free Music Podcasts for Music Lovers on Spotify.

The conversations are really nice and you can easily focus because they don’t go off-topic. Music Producers would find these really helpful for their music careers and Music listeners would find this really interesting as they would get to know things about what their favorite artists do backstage, how they made a particular hit song etc. This podcast brings really amazing content and you won’t get bored for sure! One of the Best Free Music Podcasts for Music Lovers on Spotify.

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Want to know the story behind your favorite songs within 30 minutes? Then this is the best Podcast for you! Song Exploder features different artists with their best songs and artists tell the story behind the writing and production behind the songs. They break it out piece by piece and explains their mindset behind the writing and how do they actually feel about that particular song and What vibes they wanted to live with their songs! Hrishikesh Hirway is the host and producer of this Podcast and he knows how to run a hit Podcast for sure! The recent episodes of this Podcast might get your interest more into it.

If you liked the Netflix Web show named “DARK” or liked the theme of that show then they got you the guy himself, who composed and did the whole theme. Apparat explained everything deeply in that episode, how he made the chords, how he felt and it is pretty intense. One should not miss that episode and this Podcast!


You have 8 songs to choose to take with you to a Desert Island, what will be your list? Well, that is the whole concept of this Podcast. The host Kristy Young brings celebrities on this Podcast and asks them their favourite 8 songs which they would take to a Desert Island. This might sound normal but the meaning behind those 8 songs is deeper, those 8 songs will describe the life or persona or feelings of the celebrity and the episodes usually get personal as the celeb talks a lot about their personal life and what those songs meant to them? how did they affect their persona and life? etc.

People can easily get emotional with songs because the artist who made them puts emotion in them and while listening to this Podcast you might relate in many ways with your favorite artist! Don’t think it’s going to be all serious and deep, this show is pretty chill too. The best thing about it is, you won’t get bored with it at any point. They keep it all interesting and enjoyable.

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Rolling stones has been topping the music sources for a long time now and their Podcasts are also Top Notch. They interview your favorite artists and feature them in a discussion on new topics too, They break down your favorite songs and tell you the deeper meaning behind them, They break down your favorite music albums and keep you entertained.

They even talk about the success of your favorite artist and how their journey has been throughout their career. You will enjoy the Podcast a lot as it is really interesting to listen to such topics. Even Musicians will learn a lot from this Podcast as they will get to know more about how artists do things. One of the Best Free Music Podcasts for Music Lovers on Spotify.

With this, we end the list of the 10 best music podcasts for music lovers here. These are not ranked as they are different categories and each Podcast contains a different vibe.

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