12 Strongest Female Star Wars Characters Ever 

Female Star Wars characters
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Hey there, Fan of Star Wars! 

Today I will be presenting to you the strongest, widely known and extremely popular Female Star Wars Characters. 

Star Wars is globally known to be, as, “ American Epic Space Opera Multimedia Franchise.” Indeed, soon it became Pop – Culture globally. 

Furthermore, The reason behind why Star Wars is extremely popular is, its franchise expanded itself at a very fast rate, totally unexpected. Which implies that the franchise resulted in developing a plethora of television series, video games, novels, comic books, themed areas and a lot more. 

In conclusion: everything regarding this resulted into comprising all the forms of Fictional Universe. 

Now without further ado, let’s begin with knowing famous female Star Wars characters of all time. 

The Star Wars series include : 

  • Star Wars : Episode VII – The Force Awakens 
  • Star Wars : Rebels 
  • Rogue one : A Star Wars story 
  • Episode VI – Return Of The Jedi, Star Wars
  • The Clone Wars – Star Wars
  • Star Wars : Episode II – attack of the clones 
  • Star Wars – Episode IV – A new hope 

Whilst scrolling up the page, you will see the strongest and globally known female Star Wars characters of all time: 

  1. Leia organa 
Star wars

Leia Organa, was a princess of Alderaan, which was the planet in the core worlds. She was the daughter of the Jedi knight Anakin Skywalker and senator Padme amidala. 

Leia was a powerful human female who also was a political and military leader. 

Her famous dialogue from Star Wars was, “I would rather be a monster that believes in something, that would sacrifice everything to make the galaxy better, than be someone who sits on the sidelines and watches as if it has no consequences to them.”


  1. Ahsoka Tano
Star wars

Ashoka Tano, she was discovered by Jedi master Plo Koon, in her hometown of Shili. Where she was brought to have Jedi training. She was always eager enough to prove her abilities to everyone who was involved in her training, especially her master, Skywalker. 

Tano led a group of Jedi younglings, helping rescue the colony of togruta. She played her role very well in the film.

Her famous dialogue was, “ in my life, when you find people who need your help, you help them. No matter what.” 


  1. Rey 
Star wars

Rey, she was the human female Jedi master. She spends most of her childhood time on haiku practicing being on a flight simulator. She also learnt the alien languages with the help of her training master computer. 

Her life changed completely when she encountered the events of the last days of the New Republic Era. 

Her famous dialogue was , “everything you do, everywhere you go, you have the hope of a galaxy with you.”

  1. Bo- Katan kryze
Star wars

Bo- katan kryze, she was the leader of the nite owls, and a lieutenant in death watch. She is now considered as the star wars hero territory. In mandalorian season 2 she was seen helping our other heroes. Nevertheless the third season was intriguing enough to let the fans ponder about the true intentions of bo-katan. 

  1. Padme Amidala 
Star wars

Padme Amidala, she was the queen. A queen who was indeed a courageous, helpful and hopeful leader. 

Later on, she also became the senator of Naboo. 

She was keeping a dark secret from everyone. The secret was marrying the Jedi Anakin Skywalker, which resulted in adversely affecting the consequences for the galaxy. 

Moreover, She was the female who truly devoted her whole life for civic duties. She played an amazing female star cast role in this which is absolutely bound to draw applause. 

  1. Asajj Ventress 
Star wars

Asajj ventress, she was born into a clan of force- sensitive nightsister witches which was led by mother Talzin, on the planet named Dathomir. Asajj unfortunately always raised as slave for different – different of her masters throughout her life. However, she has played her role inspiringly. 

She was extremely talented and proved her abilities during kidnapping of rotta in the hutt, the rescue of nute gunray and a lot more. 

  1. Mon Mothma 
STar wars

Mon Mothma, was born in a political family. Since her childhood, she has been inspired to become a politician because of her political family background. This resulted in playing a lot of roles being a politician in her life, the roles includes, becoming an representative of Chandrila in the Galactic senate and Imperial senate.

She was also one of the phenomenal leaders of Alliance. She later became the first chancellor for the new republic.

Her famous dialogue was, “ we are loyalists, trying to preserve democracy in the republic.”

  1. Jyn Erso 
Star wars

Jyn Erso, was raised by resistance fighter Saw Gerrera. She was known for courageous self. she never liked to quit the fight no matter how hard it was. She was extremely compassionate which was truly commendable. 

It’s so right to say, Jyn Erso planted the seed which surprisingly resulted in saving the whole galaxy and ending with the return of the Jedi. 

Jyn Erso’s character is truly fascinating in many ways. 

  1. Hera Syndulla
StAr wars

Hera Syndulla, she led phoenix cell and she became an leader who was an inspiration for the entire Rebellion. 

Her famous dialogue was, “ if all you do is fight for your own life, then your life is worth nothing. “

She was a Twi’lek female revolutionary leader. Furthermore, she bacha s the central figure in early rebellion against the galactic empire and the formation of the alliance to restore the republic. 

  1. Sabine Wren
Star wars

Sabine wren, she was born during the waning years of the Galactic republic in 21 BBY. 

 She was the girl who was cunning and determined enough. She had an expert level of knowledge about weapons, explosives, technologies and a lot more. This knowledge helped her in aiding the ghost crew and rebellion in the liberation of lethal, as well as in the toppling of the galactic empire. 

Sabine was a Mandalorian warrior and a revolutionary leader. She married Erza Bridger in Keldabe. 

She regularly expresses her artistic side. Sabine’s rising phoenix tag became the Rebel alliance symbol. 

Sabine helped young wedge Antilles defect from the skystrike academy.  

  1. Maz Kanata 
Star wars

Maz kanata, she was a Jawa, who was a short alien with an affinity for her eyes. She was known to be as the Pirate queen.

Moreover, she was the queen, skilled and trained to live and survive in the criminal environment of the galaxy. This quality of her survival makes the audience to draw a bound of applause. 

Furthermore, Maz kanata helped Rey and Finn to stop running away from conflicts and challenges. 

  1. Nomi Sunrider 
star wars

Nomi Sunrider, she was the female who served as the Jedi master and later grand master of the Jedi order, during the day of the galactic republic. 

further, She Married to Andur, and lived with him on the planet of Darada. She later gave birth to her daughter on the same planet. They named their daughter ‘vima’. 

In conclusion, Sunrider’s powers continued to inspire awe; she was grouped as one of three elite Jedi Masters.