20 Strongest Pokémon Card You Should Probably Know

Strongest Pokémon card

Hey buddies! Today’s post will unveil the strongest Pokémon card you should know. These popular collectible Pokémon cards have evolved into more than mere pieces of cardboard. They represent strength, strategy, and memories. Whether you’re an experienced collector or a new trainer, the desire to discover and possess the most formidable Pokémon cards is impossible to resist.

As the Pokémon franchise has progressed, its card game has also evolved, introducing new generations of creatures and strategies. The game’s meta has changed and developed, leading to numerous legendary cards that have taken center stage and made a lasting impression on players and collectors.

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Moreover, Pokémon TCG cards go beyond just tools for playing; they are like small pieces of art. Even each has a distinct artistic design and narrative to share. The artistic aspects of these cards, from the elaborate details to the vivid colors, add to their lasting attraction. Collectors often pursue these cards not only for their gameplay power but also for their visual beauty.

In this exploration of the strongest Pokémon cards, we’ll delve into the thrilling world of competitive gameplay and the powerful creatures. They have also made a lasting impact on the Pokémon Trading Card Game for more than two decades. Here we go.

1- Zoroark GX From Shining Legends

Zoroark GX Shining Legends

One of the more potent cards in the Pokémon TCG: Shining Legends collection is Zoroark GX. It allows players to discard one card to draw two. It allows them to quickly switch things around to form the perfect hand.

Together, its Riotous Beating move and Trade ability allow Zoroark to always deliver a devastating blow. Trade allows players to get two extra cards by discarding one unwanted card. Riotous Beating inflicts twenty damage to each Pokémon that is in play.

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2- Charizard VSTAR From Brilliant Stars

Charizard VSTAR Brilliant Stars

In the realm of Pokémon card collecting and gameplay, the Charizard VSTAR card from the Pokémon TCG Brilliant Stars is an iconic card. The card’s assaults are also very strong. With a powerful 300 damage boost from its main move, “G-Max Wildfire,” most enemy Pokémon may be dispatched in one blow.

Additionally, this attack applies a unique condition known as “Wildfire Burn.” Next up comes the insane VSTAR Power Star Blaze, which deals 320 points of damage and may virtually eliminate every enemy in the game in one hit.

3- Mewtwo & Mew GX Tag Team From Unified Minds

Mewtwo & Mew GX Tag Team

Mewtwo & Mew GX is a card from the Tag Team series, which combines two or more Pokémon to produce a powerful and multipurpose card. These cards frequently encapsulate the spirit of the paired Pokémon’s cooperation and show off their synergy.

The primary allure of Mewtwo & Mew GX is its capacity to imitate other GX and EX Pokémon’s moves, which makes it a flexible and unpredictable force in combat. This flexibility pays homage to the richness and diversity of the Pokémon TCG itself. What makes this card stand out is its versatility and the strategic way it can be used in terms of its attacks and abilities.

4- M Aggron EX From Primal Clash

M Aggron EX

The Pokémon TCG Primal Clash set features Mega Aggron EX, a card that brings Aggron’s colossal power to the forefront. Aggron is known for its impressive defenses and steel-type attributes, making it a formidable Pokémon. When Mega Evolves into Mega Aggron EX, it becomes a true powerhouse.

The card features a potent attack called “Righteous Edge,” dealing a substantial 150 damage. It allows you to discard a Special Energy card attached to your opponent’s Active Pokémon. With its high HP, it can withstand a significant amount of damage, making it a challenging Pokémon to defeat.

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5- Cleffa From Call Of Legends

Cleffa From Call of Legends

Cleffa is one of the strongest Pokémon cards from the Call of Legends set. The “baby” Pokémon is famous for its potential to evolve into Clefairy and, ultimately, into Clefable. In the Pokémon TCG, Cleffa plays a supportive role in its evolutionary line by helping players draw extra cards and keep a strong hand.

The Cleffa card from the Call of Legends set epitomizes this role with its special ability and unique artwork. Cleffa’s charming artwork and its ability to offer card advantage have made a lasting impact on both casual and competitive Pokémon TCG players.

6- Charizard GX From Burning Shadows

Charizard GX Burning Shadows

Charizard GX from the Pokémon TCG Burning Shadows set is an iconic card that embodies one of the most adored and highly desired Pokémon in the franchise. Charizard is renowned for its fiery strength and its position as a fan favorite. It is wonderfully portrayed in this card, featuring captivating artwork and potent gameplay characteristics.

The card’s main attack, “Crimson Storm,” delivers an immense 300 damage. That’s why, it ranks among the most powerful single attacks in the Pokémon TCG. This attack not only inflicts significant damage but also has the ability to disrupt the opponent’s strategy by discarding energy from their Pokémon.

7- M Mewtwo EX From BREAKthrough

M Mewtwo EX BREAKthrough

The Pokémon TCG BREAKthrough set’s M Mewtwo EX card, which includes the hugely popular and psychic powerhouse Mewtwo, is a potent and iconic card. This card symbolizes Mewtwo’s Mega Evolution, which elevates its already amazing powers to unprecedented heights.

When it comes to gaming, M Mewtwo EX is a formidable opponent. With a powerful 220 HP, it is evident how resilient and persistent it is in combat. Because of its enormous HP, M Mewtwo EX is a difficult Pokémon to defeat because it can sustain a lot of harm. Additionally, M Mewtwo EX has a powerful move known as “Psychic Infinity.”

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8- Copperajah VMAX From Rebel Clash

Copperajah VMAX

The massive and amazing Copperajah VMAX card from the Pokémon TCG Rebel Clash. It displays the formidable power of Copperajah in its Dynamax form. The card’s backdrop showcases the grandeur of a Dynamax battle stadium. This card represents the Gigantamax phenomenon.

The card has an impressive assault known as “G-Max Drum Solo.” In addition to dealing 240 damage, this strike lets you get rid of two of Copperajah VMAX’s energy. G-Max Drum Solo’s powerful damage output can dispatch the majority of adversary Pokémon with ease. Furthermore, its energy discard feature adds a tactical component to the action.

9- M Gengar EX from Phantom Forces

M Gengar EX from Phantom Forces

M Gengar EX debuts the Mega Evolution of Gengar, one of the most recognizable and enigmatic Ghost-type Pokémon. This card is an exciting addition to the TCG as it perfectly captures the cunning personality of Gengar. The card has an unusual yet potent strike known as “Phantom Gate.”

With this attack, you can select a Benched Pokémon from your opponent and place it in the Lost Zone. The Lost Zone is a unique place in the game where cards are completely eliminated from play. In addition to being a powerful eradication technique, this move perfectly embodies Gengar’s spooky motif as a ghostly being.

10- Lysandre’s Trump Card From Phantom Forces

Lysandre's Trump Card

One of the strongest and most revolutionary Trainer cards ever released in the Pokémon Trading Card Game is Lysandre’s, Trump Card. It can be found in the Pokémon TCG Phantom Forces collection. It has a fascinating past and has had a big influence on the competitive scene.

Additionally, Lysandre’s Trump Card allows the player to shuffle all the cards in their discard pile and those in their opponent’s discard pile back into their own decks. This means that all resources used during the game, including Pokémon, Energy, and Trainer cards, get a second chance.

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11- Tapu Lele GX From Guardians Rising

Tapu Lele GX

The Tapu Lele GX is revolutionary. With a decent 170 HP, it’s a reliable Pokémon with significant damage-dealing and resistance capabilities. Still, its greatest strength is found in its special GX technique, “Wonder Tag GX.” Using this GX move, you can look through your deck for a Supporter card and apply its effect right away.

One of the strongest cards in the Pokémon TCG Guardians Rising set, Tapu Lele GX has had a big impact on the competitive Pokémon TCG scene. This card shows Tapu Lele, one of the Alola region’s guardian deities, in its powerful GX form.

12- M Charizard EX (X) From Flashfire

M Charizard EX (X) From Flashfire

The card M Charizard EX (X) from the Pokémon TCG Flashfire set perfectly embodies the flamboyant strength and enduring allure of Charizard. It is one of the most adored Pokémon in the series. This card displays its enhanced strength and firepower in Mega Evolution X form.

“Blue Flare,” the card’s attack, is one of the most potent moves in the Pokémon TCG with a staggering 300 damage deal. The drawback is that it necessitates the discarding of two Energy cards that are connected to M Charizard EX (X). The gameplay of the card is enhanced by this strategic cost, which incorporates risk and resource management.

13- Shaymin EX From Roaring Skies

Shaymin EX From Roaring Skies

The card Shaymin EX from the Pokémon TCG Roaring Skies set has had a big influence on the gameplay. This card showcases the strong EX form of the lovable and recognizable Legendary Pokémon Shaymin. It has played a significant role in numerous high-level decks, becoming a defining card in competitive play.

Furthermore, this card is famous for its revolutionary ability, “Set Up.” With Shaymin EX on your Bench, you can use this Ability to draw up to six cards. It works well as a strong draw engine to assist players in restocking their hands and gaining access to vital resources. It has become an essential part of many decks, improving both consistency and strategic possibilities.

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14- Claydol From TCG Celebrations: Classic Collection


Pokémon collectors and enthusiasts have a particular place in their hearts for the card Claydol. Claydol is a beloved and nostalgic addition to the Pokémon franchise since this collection, in particular, pays respect to the famous and classic cards from the past.

With Claydol’s Poké-Power, which allows players to discard up to two cards from their hand and draw six new cards per turn, players can modify their deck so that their supports concentrate on other things instead of drawing power. This kind of deck manipulation might provide you with a big advantage in the game.

15- Arceus VSTAR From Brilliant Stars

Arceus VSTAR From Brilliant Stars

The Pokémon TCG Brilliant Stars card Arceus VSTAR has created a lot of buzz and expectation among players and collectors. This card gives Arceus, sometimes called the “Original One” and frequently regarded as a deity-like Pokémon in Pokémon legend, a suitably grandiose makeover.
It contributes a noteworthy and distinct skill.

You may connect as many Special Energy cards from your hand to your Pokémon as you’d like during your turn thanks to its “Infinity Bond” ability. This ability is revolutionary because it lets you link energy to your Pokémon more quickly, resulting in stronger attacks and more effective tactics.

16- Mega Gardevoir EX From Primal Clash

Mega Gardevoir EX From Primal Clash

A popular and potent Psychic and Fairy-type Pokémon, Mega Gardevoir EX is a card that showcases the exquisite Mega Evolution of Gardevoir from the Pokémon TCG Primal Clash. The power and beauty of Mega Gardevoir are encapsulated in this card.

The main attack on the card is called “Brilliant Arrow,” and it delivers 30 damage to all of your Pokémon for every Fairy Energy tied to them. The damage that this move can do is rather high, particularly if you have used a lot of Fairy Energy on your Pokémon. Mega Gardevoir EX has the ability to rapidly develop into a strong and intimidating attacker that can easily defeat adversarial Pokémon.

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17- Seismitoad EX From Furious Fists

Seismitoad EX

A card that has had a big influence on the competitive Pokémon TCG scene is Seismitoad EX from the Pokémon TCG Furious Fists set. It includes the powerful Poison and Water-type Pokémon Seismitoad in its EX form, which is renowned for its disruptive and manipulative powers.

In addition to doing 30 damage, its “Quaking Punch” attack stops your opponent from drawing any item cards for their following turn. Since many decks rely on Item cards to establish their strategy and keep momentum, this restriction on Item cards has the potential to drastically alter the way games are played. Seismitoad EX may severely disrupt an opponent’s game plan by restricting their use.

18- Tropical Beach From BW Black Star Promos

Tropical Beach

A highly sought-after and uncommon Trainer card from the Pokémon TCG Black & White Black Star Promos is Tropical Beach. Due to its distinctive and potent effect, this card is a great addition to any competitive deck. The Tropical Beach card’s artwork presents a calm and hospitable image of a tropical resort.

Tropical Beach is a common fixture in a lot of competitive decks, especially those that target slower, more controllable tactics. Early in the game, players are given the opportunity to draw extra cards, which helps to establish board presence and keep it consistent throughout the battle.

19- Radiant Greninja From Astral Radiance

Radiant Greninja From Astral Radiance

Despite being a longstanding feature of the Pokémon series, shiny Pokémon have gotten surprisingly little attention in the card game. To try to address it, the Astral Radiance set included Radiant Pokémon. Because of its Concealed Cards ability, which allows a player to discard an Energy in order to draw two cards, Radiant Greninja stands out in particular and is included in a number of formats.

Radiant Pokémon have special abilities, but they may only be used in decks containing one. Even though the Gre ninja’s Moonlight Shuriken move isn’t used as often, it may still be highly effective if the user has enough Energy because it can do 90 damage to any two Pokémon.

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20- Mega Venusaur EX From Evolutions

Mega Venusaur EX

The Pokémon TCG Evolutions collection has a card called Mega Venusaur EX, which honors the legendary and archetypal Pokémon Venusaur in its potent Mega Evolution form. This card is a contemporary interpretation of the much-loved Base Set original Venusaur card. It is one of the strongest Pokémon cards.

The Mega Venusaur EX card is a powerful and durable one. With 230 HP, it is a strong Pokémon that can withstand blows and stay in play for a long time. Its high HP is a sign of its improved durability from the Mega Evolution.