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Today, we are presenting to you the top 20 most entertaining guests on the Joe Rogan Experience podcasts. In this list, we will be looking at the most interesting people who came to the Joe Rogan Experience podcast. While we may not agree with the opinion, their interviews surely make for an entertaining watch.

The Joe Rogan Experience is a free audio and video podcast hosted by American comedian and TV host Joe Rogan. The podcast was launched on 24th December 2009, by Rogan and comedian Brian Redban, who additionally produced and co-hosted.

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Rogan often has comedians on the show in connection with his stand-up profession, like Joey Diaz, Kevin Hart, David Blaine, Bill Burr, Hannibal Burress, Bryan Callen, Chris D’Elia, and many more. Also In 2019, Rogan hosted podcasts with three Democratic presidential candidates 2020 – Bernie Sanders, Tulsi Gabbard, and Andrew Yang.

Here is the list of the Top 20 most Entertaining Joe Rogan Podcasts

20 – Joe Rogan Experience – Steve-O

As expected, Steve-O is an unflinching guest. He opens up about crazy life experiences (the ones he remembers, at least). This “Jackass” star has talked about his travels, his drug use and the time he spent in a psych ward. Given everything that has happened to Steve-O, it is a miracle that he is still alive. For those who mistake Steve-O for an empty-headed buffoon, his appearances on Jay Aria give him a chance to show another side of him through stories like how he was able to score good seats at a Motley Crue concert for free at the age of 13 by problem-solving. This one had to be on the list of the best Joe Rogan podcasts.

19 – Joe Rogan Experience – Ben Shapiro

A well-known mind on the conservative side of American politics, Ben Shapiro prides himself on being rational and putting facts before feelings. This issomething which Rogen finds refreshing. While Rogan & Shapiro have their differences on social issues like Gay marriage or Marijuana legalization, they have been able to discuss them in a civil manner with sharp analysis and a quick tongue. Shapiro outlines problems he has with today’s left-wing and present arguments as to why their positions are flawed. His unparalleled debate skills gets this episode on list of the best Joe Rogan Podcasts.

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18 – Joe Rogan Experience – Kevin Smith

Keeping in mind the type of dialogue found in Kevin Smith’s films and the topics he covers at public events, it seems he is a perfect fit for this podcast. He is funny and he brings up interesting subjects that he and Joe can ruminate upon. Smith opens up about personal subjects such as his near-fatal heart attack and a painful episode where he had to have a pet dog put down. He is down to earth and relatable, making his appearance an excellent listen for anyone who has got a couple of hours to kill.

17 – Joe Rogan Experience – Jay Leno

When the former ‘The Tonight Show’ host came on, Rogen got a chance to talk about the craft of comedy with one of the giants. Leno talked about the good old days of stand-up comedy and how he first got started in Boston when there was no such thing as a comedy club. He also brought up run-ins he had with the mob when he performed in nightclubs and was working with strippers. Leno was affable throughout as he told his old stories and of course there was a little bit of car talk.

16 – Joe Rogan Experience – Paul Stamets

Mycology, the study of fungus, may not immediately jump out as an interesting field to study. But, after listening to Paul Stamets you may want to crack open a biology textbook. The way he talks about the subject will change the way you think of fungus in the world. Stamets brings up fascinating facts about fungi such as humanity having been descended from fungi and its various uses. And of course this being a Joe Rogan podcast they, naturally, also talk about drugs.

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15 – Joe Rogan Experience – Bill Burr

Anyone who has seen this comedian perform or appear on Conan’s show knows that he says what he thinks, even if it is offensive or outlandish. Burr manages to be cynical about the world around him but does not take things seriously. He often brushes off heavy subjects with casual indifference and deconstructs ideas in a way that makes people see them in a new interesting light. It is always entertaining to watch him rant even if he has not thought things through.

14 – JRE – Duncan Trussell

Sharing many of Joe Rogan’s sensibilities, especially those related to drugs, this comedian is one of the podcasts most frequent guests. Trussell has made an appearance with a number of superstitious belief’s like 666 and 1313 showing you the kind of comedian he is & making Joe Rogan’s podcasts even better. For some of Trussel’s episodes, he & Rogan get dressed up in outlandish costumes. Like in episode #666 Trussell dressed up as The Pope & Rogan was an astronaut. If you are a fan of Bill Hicks style of comedy, this is one guest you want to catch.

13 – JRE – Lance Armstrong

If you think you know the whole story behind the doping scandal with Lance Armstrong’s disappearance from the seven-time winner of the tour de France, this might complicate things further. Armstrong brings up the aftermath of the scandal including the effects on his Livestrong foundation and explains things the way he sees them. Well, Armstrong acknowledges that he let people down and tries to explain why things happened the way they did. Upon learning about the intense backlash, Rogan was somewhat sympathetic to what Armstrong was going through believing the hatred to be overblown.

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12 – JRE – David Goggins

A retired Navy seal and ultra-marathon runner, David Goggins is an inspiration for anyone who wants to change their station in life. On Rogen’s podcast, Goggins talks about his life and how, at one time, he was a 300-pound man working as a bug sprayer but through sheer determination he was able to get himself in shape and join the Navy Seals. His story is one full of obstacles such as his father’s abuse, his own crippling fear and him overcoming those obstacles by not giving up.

11 – JRE – Randall Carlson

For anyone who is interested in the history of ancient civilizations or major geological events, Randall Carlson is one guest to listen to. According to the Rogan, Carlson is a master builder, architectural designer, teacher, geometry & renegade scholar among many other things. On the podcast he covers a wide range of subjects from asteroids to floods to ice ages that will blow your mind. Bringing out charts and graphs he has laid out data supporting catastrophic events that have shaped the earth and human history.

10 – JRE – Leah Remini

After leaving the Church of Scientology in 2013, this “King Of Queens” actress has been a vocal critic of the organization. During her appearance in January 2017, Leah Remini dished out her experiences in the Church, practicing Scientology and how it affected her. Remini also talked about her attempts to be a devout member and how she wrote reports on Tom Cruise because she thought he was not setting a good example as a Scientologist. If you have ever been curious about Scientology, this is the best Joe Rogan Podcast episode to watch.

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9 – JRE – Graham Hancock

Best known for his book Fingerprints of the Gods, Graham Hancock is a journalist who challenges conventional views of scientists and historians on past events and ancient civilization. He deconstructs why he believes they are wrong. He then offers his own theories of what could possibly be real. Listeners of the podcast are in for a treat when Hancock appears with Randall Carlson. The two come together to discuss about how lost civilization could have been wiped out by a catalyst events.

8 – JRE – Jordan Peterson

This clinical psychologist and University of Toronto professor is popular with the right. Peterson is critical in left-wing academia, particularly within college professors and students with a fixation on Marxism. He sees Marxism a corrupting, if not a dangerous, ideology. He appeared on the podcast with Brett Weinstein. Brett is a former professor from Evergreen State University who is also critical to the SJW culture. His central philosophy is that people should stop feeling sorry for themselves because of their identities and take personal responsibility. This will lead to happiness and success which is somehow more engaging than it sounds.

7 – JRE – Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Nobody likes a show-off unless that show-off is Neil DeGrasse Tyson. This astrophysicist rattles off knowledge in all areas including math, science and history. He manages to repeatedly blow Joe Rogan’s mind whether he is talking about infinity or explaining Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle. His knowledge and way of explaining theories is what got this episode to the list of the best Joe Rogan Podcasts. If you listen to Neil DeGrasse Tyson long enough there is a good chance of learning something. Rogan is known for having members of the intellectual dark web on his show. Guests like Tyson showed the true diversity of his audience.

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6 – JRE – Mike Tyson

He is an eccentric personality with stories to openly tell about drug use. Mike Tyson checks of all the boxes as the perfect guest for the Joe Rogan experience. On his appearance on the 1227 episode in January 2019, Mike Tyson brought up stories of how he got his tigers and how he gave a guy a Rolls Royce to avoid getting arrested. He talked about how his mom gave him alcohol and marijuana as a child to make him go to sleep and how he tried cocaine and LSD before he was a teenager. Tyson says he has never had a cup of coffee in his life (go figure!).

5 – JRE – Alex Jones

Fittingly enough Alex Jones made his first appearance on the Joe Rogan podcast for episode number 911. As it turns out that Joe Rogan and Jones’ friendship goes all the way back to the late 90s. The whole episode was chock-full of conspiracy theories ranging from pedophilia rings to NASA cover-ups. For those who think that Alex Jones must be high to believe all these conspiracies, Rogan admitted they were both high during the taping. Jones made another appearance on episode #1255 to discuss the hardships he has faced lately such as the Sandy Hook fallout and being digitally ‘deplatformed’ from social media websites.

4 – JRE – Theo Von

A frequent guest on the podcast, Theo Von is a comedian with a laid-back personality. But for a comedian, he has strange views like feeling the need to plan out who he’d want to eat in the event of a plane crash (if he were to resort to cannibalism). He drops jokes right out of nowhere when it looks like he is being serious. Since Theo Von has such a random sense of humor, Rogan takes the opportunity to talk about a wide range of topics.

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3 – JRE – Elon Musk

This tech entrepreneur and billionaire CEO is the most high profile guest Joe Rogan has had on so far. Making an appearance in Sep 2018, Musk has a dry sense of humor as he brought up a nerdy science topic. Musk talks about his concerns on artificial intelligence and its implication making it into the list of the best Joe Rogan Podcasts. Musk believes the industry needed regulations, an idea he conveyed to former POTUS Barack Obama & Congress. However, what got the most attention in the news from Musk’s appearance was him taking a puff from a joint on camera.

2 – JRE – Eddie Bravo

Instructor, music producer & stand-up comedian, Eddie Bravo does a little bit of everything and throws himself into all of it with passion. When Bravo came on Rogen’s podcast the two common subjects they talked about was fighting and conspiracy theories such as the earth being flat and false flag. It is fun to watch Bravo bring up suspicious things the government is allegedly doing only for Rogan to push back with skepticism. When they interact it is obvious that Rogan & Bravo have known each other for a long time and are always in tune with each other. Their chemistry is what makes this video #2 in our best Joe Rogan Podcasts list. .

1 – JRE – Joey Diaz

This comedian is a fan favorite, looking like a supporting character out of “The Sopranos” Uncle Joey gives his opinions about the world with blunt frankness. He is the best for an interesting story about growing up as a Cuban American in New Jersey. He talks about the way people used to act in the old days or any strange thing that’s happened to him lately. One thing is for sure when you tune in, you will be interested in what he has to say next.

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Hope you like these clips.