Benny Blanco Joins Force With BTS & Snoop Dogg For Track, “Bad Decisions”

Benny Blanco Bad Decisions
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American record producer, Benny Blanco has joined forces with BTS & Snoop Dogg for the new track named “Bad Decisions.” Watch the official music video song below.

The song will appear on the producer’s upcoming third album, which is expected to drop later this year.

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Speaking about the Ben Sinclair-directed video, Benny sees himself excitedly readying for a forthcoming BTS concert: Learning dance skits, baking cakes, and getting his fit jointly. On the way to the concert, he’s stuck in LA traffic and, with the show’s start time coming, ditches his car to run to the stadium — only to find the show takes place the following day.

“If you want my love/Come a little bit closer/Don’t make me wait,” The BTS members deliver the song’s soaring hook: “Let’s make some bad decisions/I want you, oh baby, all of the time/So give me all your kisses/I want you Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, baby, every night.”

Snoop’s lines are punctuated with BTS’ buoyant “Oh yeah” refrains. “Everybody see me looking fly (oh yeah)/And I think I know the reason why (oh yeah),” he raps. “‘Cause I got you right here by my side (oh yeah)/And I can’t let you just walk away, If I ain’t with you I’m not OK.”

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Benny Blanco Joins Force With BTS & Snoop Dogg For Track, “Bad Decisions”

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