Bohemia Releases New Single, ‘Ek Din’ Ft. Karan Aujla

Ek Din Bohemia
Via Youtube

American-Pakistani rapper, Bohemia has released his new single named ‘Ek Din‘ featuring Karan Aujla, J.Hind, & international Hip Hop legend THE GAME. Listen to the full song below.

The track, ‘Ek Din’ is performed by Bohemia, The Game, Karan Aujla, J.Hind, music is produced by Shaxe Oria, Mix/Master by Madhertz, directed by Touch Blevins & Roger Artola, & produced by Sumeet Singh.

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After a long time, Bohemia returned with new collaboration artists The Game, Karan Aujla & J.Hind. He teased the track 4 days ago at Saga hits record label, it has quite scary music with heavy vocals, one by one they all raps together.

Bohemia starts the Rap, “Ik Din Gamah Ton Azadiyan Ne Mumkin,” then Karan Aujla Rap “O Kithe Paisa Kithe Fame, Bas Lekha Di Ae Game,” then J.Hind appears and starts his Rap “Living Life Feeling Imprisoned, Counting Days Behind Bars” at the end The Game Rap “Born In The Struggle, Ready To Die Hustle.”

Speaking about the track, One day freedom from this pain is possible, reminds us that regardless of the hardships & obstacles we are all facing across the globe we must remind ourselves that victory is possible.

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Bohemia New Song, ‘Ek Din’ Ft. Karan Aujla

Meanwhile, On 22nd June, Bohemia collaborated with Canadian-Indian playback singer Jazzy B and produced the latest Punjabi song called ‘CROWN PRINCE.’ This was Bohemia’s second collaboration with Jazzy B and first was ‘Nishana‘.

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Also, he dropped his latest song, ‘Rog‘ from the series SNBV2. Then, he teamed up with Punjabi musical artist Raman Romana for the track, Attitude. The song is sung by Raman Romana and BOHEMIA, Lyrics given by Deep Fateh.