12 Best Rap Songs by Rapper KR$NA

Far From Over KR$NA
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Here we go guys, in this article, we are going to present to you a list of the 10 best rap songs by rapper KR$NA, that have shocked the desi hip hop world. Check out the 10 best tracks below.

As everyone knows, KR$NA is a desi hip-hop rapper and songwriter from New Delhi, India. He is one of the young rappers to emerge within the Indian/Desi Hip Hop scene in the mid-2000s under the stage title Prozpekt. He additionally featured in the 2019 Bollywood movie Gully Boy as himself.

KR$NA has been releasing his catchy hip-hop tracks for a long time. His first shot of success came with the release of the music video for “Kaisa Mera Desh” in 2010, and that video became the first Indian hip hop song on YouTube and earned a #2 ranking as one of the most-watched music videos in India.

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Post the remarkable success of his track, he was signed to the artist management company (KALAMKAAR) in 2017 and became a partner in 2018. He is presently represented by Raftaar and Ankit Khanna.

As you scroll down the page you will see the 10 best rap songs by rapper KR$NA. All the tracks have their own value and fan base including the diss tracks, collaboration tracks, and many more. If you love Indian rapping you will definitely adore these tracks.

Best 10 Rap Songs Of Rapper KR$NA

1 – KR$NA – Say My Name

The track, ‘SAY MY NAME‘ was written & performed by KR$NA, produced by Call Me G, and released by Raftaar and Ankit Khanna’s record label ‘KALAMKAAR.’

This is the first time KR$NA released a track in two languages (Hindi & English) and in both languages, the rap effortlessly blends in with the beat. There isn’t much difference between the track, as one is just the translated version of the other. Everything else in both the tracks is the same & his vocals really make the song amazing. Listen to the Hindi version of the track here.

2 – KR$NA x Raftaar – Saath Ya Khilaaf

The track, ‘Saath Ya Khilaaf‘ was written and performed by KR$NA and Raftaar, produced by Tay On The Track, Mix & Master by Abhishek Ghatak, Directed By Canfuse, Production Managers: Dhawni Makand & Yash Gupta, & released by the Kalamkaar YouTube channel.

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3 – KR$NA – Freeverse Feast

On 30th Aug 2019, he officially released the track, Freeverse Feast (LANGAR). Music is produced By RAFTAAR, Mixed & Mastered By Deep Kalsi. In this track he starts the rap in Hindi then he switches to rapping in English, emphasizing his ability to rap sick bars in two languages. It crossed 5M+ views on Youtube yet. Listen to the full track here.

4 – KR$NA – Untitled

Speaking about this track, ‘Untitled,’ is one of the most catchy and addictive tracks on this list. It was written & performed by KR$NA, & music produced by Dansonn. Watch the full video here.

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5 – Fotty Seven x KR$NA – Baap Se

The track ‘Baap Se‘ released on 10th Nov 2020, and was the first-time Fotty Seven collaborated with KR$NA. Meanwhile, the track was the 3rd single, from Fotty Sevens’s new Asli Independent EP

6 – KR$NA – Maharani

In this track, rapper KR$NA dissed Muhfaad, Desi music factory, Tony Kakkar, AB, and more. The track Maharani is the female version of Maharaja. As we all know Muhfaad called himself Maharaja, before this track, and that’s why KR$NA dissed him in this music video. The track has crossed 3.8M + views on Youtube.

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7 – KR$NA – No Losses

The track, ‘NO LOSSES‘ is written & performed by KR$NA, produced by Roclegion and Danny E.B. In this track, KR$NA talks about his life experiences, struggles, and hard work. When he started his career in the hip hop industry, he didn’t think that he establish a fan base. He had lost all hope and had no expectations from the industry. But because he had never found a love like hip hop he continued rapping, and slowly he started gaining traction in the hip hop world.

8 – KR$NA – Vyanjan

The track, ‘Vyanjan‘ is produced by Insane, directed & edited by Inflict (@shotbyinflict), mixed & mastered by Lakshman Parsuram, & lyrics are given by KR$NA.

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9 – KR$NA – Makasam

KR$NA released diss track ‘MAKASAM’ on 17th March. This diss track was made as a response to rapper Muhfaad’s previous diss track. Now it has crossed 6.4+ million views on Youtube.

10 – KR$NA – Seedha Makeover

KR$NA released the track ‘Seedha Makeover‘ on the 16th Sep 2019. In this diss track, he has ruthlessly dissed rapper Emiway Bantai.

11 – KR$NA – Lil Bunty

KR$NA released the track on 14th May 2022, Written and performed by KR$NA, produced by Flamboy, and Mixed, and mastered by Ryan Summer.

12 – KR$NA Ft. RAFTAAR – Saza-E-Maut

The track is written & performed by KR$NA & RAFTAAR, produced & composed by Rill Beats & Young Grape Beatz, mixed & mastered by Ryan Summer, and video by CANFUSE, released at the Label KALAMKAAR on 19th May 2021.