Fotty Seven Drops 3rd New Single ‘BAAP SE’ ft. KR$NA

BAAP SE Fotty Seven
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Indian desi hip hop artist, Fotty Seven has teamed up with KR$NA for the 3rd new single, ‘Baap Se‘ from his upcoming Asli Independent EP. Watch the full video below.

The track is sung & Lyrics is given by Fotty Seven & Kr$na, Music is produced by Frisk, Mix and Mastered by NDS, directed & edited by Director Grim. Again Fotty Seven came with his new massive collaboration with Kalamkaar member, ‘KR$NA.

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Fotty Seven raps in verse 1, “Jitni marzi gaali de kabhi bada nahi hoga / Mere jaise ke tu haate kabhi chada nahi hoga / Kabhi khada nahi hoga apne paero pe tu tera 500 ka peela note hara nahi hoga,” then KR$NA start his rap with his clean vibrant voice, “Baap aaya dekho beta baap aaya / Asli hot launda booth se nikla bhaap aaya / Career tha crack mere baad aaj chaya / Master jii ko laga sadma abhi tak nahi naap paya.”

In Sep(this year), he shared the tracklist of his new upcoming EP Asli Independent, Before this track, he released 2 tracks, ‘KAR DIYA‘, & ‘HAATH TOH LAGA’ Ft. Rebel 7. Earlier this year, He released ‘Bhot Tej’ ft. Badshah. The song is all about the vibes, culture, and slangs of Delhi. This is first from the lot of Kaleshi Launde.


  1. *Kar Diya.
  3. ASOOL.
  5. *BAAP SE.

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Fotty Seven Drops ‘BAAP SE’ ft. KR$NA

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