Experience the Magic of ‘C,XOXO’ – Camila Cabello’s Newest Album

C XOXO Camila
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Experience the Magical album titled ‘C,XOXO’ – Camila Cabello’s newest album. Listen to the full album below.

Speaking about Cabello’s album cover art for C, XOXO. The artwork features her licking a bright blue lollipop with bleach-blonde hair framing her face.

The album features 14 tracks including:

  1. I LUV IT ft. Playboi Carti
  2. Chanel No.5
  3. Pink XOXO
  4. He Knows ft. Lil Nas X
  5. Twentysomethings
  6. Dade Country Dreaming ft. JT and Yung Miami
  7. Koshi XOXO ft. BLP Kosher
  8. Hot Uptown ft. Drake
  9. Uuugly
  10. Dream-Girls
  11. 305tilidie
  12. B.O.A.T
  13. pretty When I Cry
  14. June Gloom

The former Voice coach also spoke about working with Drizzy on the record, calling him “the f–king GOAT.”

“It felt like shooting for the stars,” she continued, recalling how she approached the rapper by sliding into his Instagram DMs. “I showed him the album when I felt comfortable enough and he really liked it. [The feature] came out of a nontransactional place. He had this idea of a song called ‘Hot Uptown,’ and it just felt like I was in the city. I was in Miami.”

In 2022, Camila Cabello released an album named “Familia.” Features 12 tracks with collaborations including WILLOW, Ed Sheeran, Maria Becerra & Yotuel.

Camila Cabello Releases New Album, ‘C,XOXO’ – Listen Now

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