Daft Punk Unleash “TRON: Legacy – Complete Edition”

TRON Complete Edition Daft Punk
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French electronic music duo, Daft Punk has unleashed “TRON: Legacy – The Complete Edition” (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). Listen to the full tracks below.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of TRON: Legacy, he added nine more new tracks, the electronic duo released in 2010 to create the soundtrack to the movie.

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The TRON soundtracks features 31 tracks including new nine tracks, check out the tracklist below.

  1. ‘Overture’
  2. ‘The Grid’
  3. ‘The Son Of Flynn’
  4. ‘Recognizer’
  5. ‘Armory’
  6. ‘Arena’
  7. ‘Rinzler’
  8. ‘The Game Has Changed’
  9. ‘Outlands’
  10. ‘Adagio For TRON’
  11. ‘Nocturne’
  12. ‘End Of Line’
  13. ‘Derezzed’
  14. ‘Fall’
  15. ‘Solar Sailer’
  16. ‘Rectifier’
  17. ‘Disc Wars’
  18. ‘C.L.U.’
  19. ‘Arrival’
  20. ‘Flynn Lives’
  21. ‘TRON Legacy (End Titles)’
  22. ‘Finale’
  23. ‘Sea Of Simulation’
  24. ‘Encom Part II’
  25. ‘Encom Part I’
  26. ‘Round One’
  27. ‘Castor’
  28. ‘Reflections’
  29. ‘Sunrise Prelude’
  30. ‘Father And Son’
  31. ‘Outlands, Part II’

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Daft Punk Unleash “TRON: Legacy – The Complete Edition”

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