Emiway Team Up With Nana Rogues For The Track ‘CHARGE’

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The Desi hip hop artist, Emiway Bantai has teamed up with the English producer, Nana Rogues for the brand new hip hop track named ‘CHARGE.’ Watch the full video below.

The track ‘Charge‘ music is produced by Nana Rogues, Mixed & Mastered by Joshua Olusola, Sung, and lyrics given by Emiway Bantai and Nana Rogues, Directed by Rayhaan Patni, Edited by Emiway x Happy, Dop by Paco Loca, and released at his own Youtube channel Emiway Bantai.

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Emiway had just released his latest track, ‘LONELY‘ with Prznt, and now his new collaboration has arrived, It seems like, Emiway is working like a machine, he has been releasing back to back international collaboration new song within a month.

Emiway raps, “Ae Haaa Sunn! / 12 Bajne Wala main to bahar Bhi ni Jaara / Main to car Mein Ghumrela / Umbrella Ghumega Baarish Hain / Shabdo ka Maine beta, Kabru ka Maine Bete / Kahbro K Surkhiyo Mein k Marte hai Ladkiyo pe,” Then Nana Rogues joins and sings, “Charge Banta Charge, Charge, Charge,
Bus Charge, Charge, Charge, Charge.”

This song gives us a different energy vibes, it feels like we are getting motivate, the vibes is unique, and after every rap the artist Nana Rogues says Charge Banta Charge. This track is the combination of multiple energetic vibes. Know more about the track listen to the song here.

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Emiway Team Up With Nana Rogues For The Track ‘CHARGE’

Stream and download the full track by clicking here.

Last month, he got his new achievement, he received his new award which is Youtube Diamond Creator Award also known as Youtube Diamond Play Button. Two months ago, Emiway dropped his aggressive hip hop track called ‘Round One,’ then recently he released his desi hop hop track ‘KAUN HAI YE.’ And also